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Hisense Announces 100 Day No Regrets Guarantee For Select TVs

If you are considering the purchase of a new TV, Hisense wants to make sure you include them as a serious choice. Check out their new promo that is shaking up the TV landscape.

Hisense 100 day no regrets TV promo 2021

TV sales are so competitive that some high-profile brands, such as Panasonic, have left the U.S. TV Market. However, that isn’t stopping more brands from entering the dangerous U.S. market which is now inhabited by Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, and TCL. 

However, Hisense is now emerging as a quality competitor in the U.S. TV landscape. As such, they want to both increase brand awareness and sales. To that end, Hisense is making big news by offering TV buyers an offer that, on the surface, seems like a great deal, but there is more to the story. 

The Hisense 100 Day No Regrets Guarantee 

Here are the basics of the Hisense offer:

  • Buy a qualifying 2021 Hisense ULED TV or UST Projector (Laser TV) between September 10 and October 31st, 2021. Choose wisely!
  • Check the TV out for 100 days. 
  • Return the TV for a full refund (including pre-paid shipping) if you don’t like it.

The Fine Print

Of course, just as with all promotions there is the fine print. 

  • The TV must be purchased from a qualifying retailer (online or in-store).
  • The buyer has to pay the full price of the TV upfront – no monthly installments.
  • The buyer must meet the conditions of the return process. Shipping materials for TVs sent back through its 100-day promotion, may be provided. If you have questions on the return process, consult the Hisense Help and Support Page.
  • Hisense will check the returned TV to make sure it has met all the conditions of the return, including any exterior or operational damage. 
  • Refund payments will be made within 30 days in the form of a pre-paid VISA card issued via email. If Paypal is used the refund amount will be sent directly to your account.
Hisense L9G Laser TV
Hisense L9G Laser TV

TV and UST Models Included

Here is a listing of the TV model series included (all TVs are LCD-based except for the UST Laser TV models). ULED is a marketing term that refers to several Hisense video processing features to improve picture quality. 

NOTE: The U9DG Dual Cell LCD TV is not included in this offer.

Things You Should Do During the 100-day Trial

Having 100 days to check out a TV may seem like a great idea, but just don’t sit there and watch it casually. Use your viewing time wisely to check out the TV’s key features and capabilities. 

Ease of Use: Make sure the provided remote control is easy to use and the on-screen menu system is easy to navigate.

Screen Size: Make sure the TV is the right size for your viewing needs and fits the space you want to use.

Screen Glare: Check the screen to see if light reflections on the screen from windows, lamps, and objects in the room are distracting during both daylight and nighttime viewing hours. 

Viewing Angle: How does the TV picture look when sitting off to the side? Do you notice excessive color and contrast fading? 

Screen Uniformity: Does the TV display uniform black, gray, or color on the screen? Check for darker patches around the screen. Corners and edges usually have brightness or darkness variation when compared to the center or main area of the screen. 

Color Accuracy: Do flesh tones look natural? 

Screen Brightness: Is the screen bright enough for comfortable viewing during both daylight and nighttime hours or bright room/darkroom environments? Is HDR displayed well when that type of content is available? 

Object Display: How does the TV perform with dark scenes? When you see bright objects on the screen against a dark background, do you see excessive halos around the bright objects?

Gaming Features: If you are a gamer, check the motion response time. Does the TV have VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto-Low Latency Mode) to better support smooth gameplay?

Connections: Are there enough connections, and are they the right type  (HDMI, Digital Optical, Antenna/Cable, USB, Ethernet) for your other components?

HDMI-ARC/eARC: Make sure the TV has HDMI-ARC/eARC. This simplifies audio connectivity with compatible soundbars and home theater receivers. 

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Smart Features: Does the TV provide access to the streaming apps that you like to use. Hisense uses either the Android or Roku streaming platforms on its TVs. 

Sound Quality: Keep in mind that most TVs don’t have a very good speaker system since they are so thin. If you decide to keep your TV consider a soundbar or home theater audio system if you find the TV sound lacking.

Know What You Are Getting Into

The Hisense 100 Day No Regrets Guarantee sounds like a great deal, but they aren’t providing this offer out of the goodness of their heart. Hisense really expects you to be so happy with the TV that you will keep it. 

However, if you do return your TV, make sure you go over the fine print several times to make sure you have everything right and contact Hisense directly with further questions if needed. 

Where To Buy

U6G 4K Android TV – $499.99 – $1,049.99 at Amazon (50, 55, 65, 75-inches)

U7G 4K Android TV – $749.99 – $1,499.99 at Amazon (55, 65, 75-inches)

U8G 4K Android TV – $899.99 / $1,249.99 at Amazon (55, 65-inches)

U800GR 8K Roku TV – $3,499.99 at Amazon (75-inches only)

L9G 4K TriChroma UST Laser TV – $5,499 / $5,999 at (100, 120-inches)

Note picture quality and features generally increases in accordance with the increasing digits in the model number.

See all the Hisense TVs available for this promo at Amazon.

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