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Waiting for keys to autoroll??AK AK1
Help needed to install dish for echostar 3zeajaz1
AV - LK or Nydas???t232
JWH ???mani11
Solo hispanoSHADOW453
Calling on LK, AV, OR NALIN- NEED Your professional helpAV5
Need Help for moved international channels 118Wgus1
International Channels PANSAT 3500D Reddy3
NFL 11-11-07mike7
Converted pansat and flu receiversnadeem ahmad3
FLU to Pansat 2700 chancy 221T working fine?AV7
AV I still didn't find the 220t!!!AV2
Chancysand Updated Bin 221T - WORKING GOODAV1
It seems noone wants to help me.....use Tivo, Chancy or ukr)cool4
Help with new captiveworks 600 premiumbruce l2
What happened?satgrl1
BIN OUTsatgrl2
Need help for RS 232 Connectordantetn7
Convert Fortec Lifetime Ultra to Pansat 2700john johnson29
Sonicview files outsatgrl2
How come no bin for Sonicviewscabz4
Pansat 2700a luv itTamara16
LK Need Your Help!!!dantetn2
110 settings -- helpdantetn3
How to rescan all sattelite on clone 2700?husain1
Pansat Bin Filesneil clements3
Need help with channels!!!!John Weasel3
Some one help me please - convert FLU to 2700scarletfever1
AV Where to fine 220T bin file???LK2
Is there any other bin file I can load into my Neusat SP6000 Pre.?Firoz Khan1
Channels missing on new BIN CS 221Viswaa Dure3
Channels real name not coming showing as TV612, TV....john1
LK or Nalyn Why? Tomhiro Nishkado16
Pansat 2500 - Pansat 2700 Conversion - Newskankyrita109
When is Cool Sat Bine File Coming?juan Cavazos4
NORW Group dead???!!!juan Cavazos3
How much would it cost to pay for all the channelsjuan Cavazos3
Viewsat Xtreme Problemileon22
Switch 121 to 118?rveeraga16
A trickjippii.com1
C00Sat bins are released!!!RC8
Viewsat came strong this time sada6
All Pansat Files Nalin Nyda40
AV ???AV2
LK, Nalin, Av need your help!!!AV3
Need help with converted 2700a binBobby Joe1
AV Need Your Help!!!AV2
Help with game channel..!JJJ1
Warning fake co*lsat bin going aroundjuan Cavazos1
Is 61.5 moving to 118?Yash Matharu3
Need helpruds1
Can any one help me???? my pay perviews on auto rollbrian crisp3
ZeeSA ch 576 not able to scansrini5
Help Pleasedantetn8
Sollution for pansat2700 originalchrisduclo5
How to get nimiq 2sada6
***HELP ONCE MORE***Luke Borla19
Sonicview questionsatgrl5
No or Bad SignalTomhiro Nishkado2
C00lsat StuffTomhiro Nishkado1
LK & thill1951Ariza 7005
Frequency for 100 & 119satgrl2
Which receivers are working right now -PPV, International?bruce l7
Pansat 2500 and its CLONE userssatgrl4
Anyone have captivworkd 600s premium binbruce l3
Current KeysTomhiro Nishkado1
PPV not workingDaKangOfKrunk2
CW600S Premium - LoaderFM2
Loader for viewsat platinum 2000Sen1
81,91,110,119 in 1 dish how?BetterOffRed21
Question for LKmic_10113
Trouble Scanning for Satellites (Please Help!)AK AK1
P 0 R Nthill195116
119 w DTV and 119w DNmar-vel1
Guide and autoroll problem need helpGocuse1
Cricket on BEV?Shane5
Need Help for 148Tooter9
HD ReceiverLK4
Does anyone have VS ULTRA that is working right now?LK2
Pansat BIN??The One47
LK, which receivers are down right now? (Nov-10-2007)The One6
Indian channels missing on coolsat4000Nalin Nyda2
Where can we buy JTAG cable in misss?Tooter2
Quick time Pansat 2700a question.Luke Borla3
C00LSAT 7000 Elvis Palarchie6
Viewsat ultra problemGocuse3
LK, Help!!!! Need to find a fix for this...Mentos4
CS5000 & 6000 148 bin questionlolol6
Ordering SV8000 with 8PSK Q SUB BOARD asking for trouble?Mark Z1
DN PID 0106 and missing channelsAbby11
COOLSATT 6000 no bin out as yet ? Tomhiro Nishkado3
Nimiq 1, cricket jippii.com4
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