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Break in a type RAnand Padhi5
Wat size Alt...running 4000 Watt RMS ???bernyMAC8
High Output AlternatorAndrizzle14
Any way to repair lead wires?Kenny6
Anyone close (driving distance) to ct. that.....ctmike1
Wrong section but not enough in the other one lol so look now charlie3
Don't Even Have The Car For 5min!!!02GPpIMPIN13
Anyone know anything about this sub?? 3XL-15D POWERBASSTroy Stafford10
Speaker wireSteven Norris3
Load and upgrade?Steven Norris5
kicker ampsMike Loudon1
Dual 1 Ohm Or 2 Ohm Sub To Get A 1Ohm Load?????Saucy5
CL-53 Braxial Componet Set?????????Andrew Capps2
Omg my t1001bd blew up read fast pleasejames caroll21
Anybody heard the new re xxx 06 version???Logan5
2 12" L7Cody Scott Ashby20
Component Set-upsmarc5
You Know You Want ItLogan3
Memphis Ice T. Meyers4
Value amp for 18" QJ B9
Eclipse 8053 richard15
Wher can I get the specs and see some Havoc's??WrEaK HaVoC5
Good Quality SubsMuddy25
WHo listens to their system POUNDING while driving?-Eric-52
CriticalMAss SubwoofersMuddy7
Power Wiremat dope9
Over currentjames caroll3
Omg my t1001bd blew up read fast pleasejames caroll1
Is my electical system good enough?Rickey9
Making a box for 3 12's how should they facerick ross3
Help me out fellasMuddy15
Very excited :-)...lilrob8
Hey guys check this dd out lilrob10
Sound damp spray... does it work?rick quigley1
What amp for a type R[...Rovin...]13
How is this box for the Type R???[...Rovin...]4
Nd put two layerssoo nicelucas beckner14
Need a big wanger t-shirt!! 3XL ROB BROWN1
Santa Came Early!!!richard4
Stock electrical system ok?Steven Norris4
Box designChad Lee2
Kicker solo baric l7ty mutlow5
WHO WANTS MY PS3?impala63rag42
2 Subs. 1 box, Whats the problem?marc5
Hurry whats comparable to JLblaine westropp1
got a question about subs for my friend.Mike Loudon17
MA audiojuliob9
Kicker solo baric l7Anthony Becker1
Ascendant AudioMuddy31
My FridayCanaan26
How much would one 15 dd costChauncey Brown2
MA audiokris ackermann1
Mixin ohm loads on a 4 channel ampdrivingreckless1
Speaker adapters *PICS* :-)...Ice T. Meyers41
Mixin ohm loads on a 4 channel ampdrivingreckless1
Help building system-Eric-5
Blow through box HELP!?!Liqdfire323
Digital Designs{]D [] {]V[} {]D43
High input{]D [] {]V[} {]D4
Whats the best 2000wrms for the cash???? 2500.1 vr. orion5000J B44
Suggest me some subs!!Night Mirage20
Can I fix my comps???ty mcleod8
How would this work out?Mike Loudon9
IA 20.1B8
(2)BM vs Fi QMuddy12
Kicker ampLogan2
Any one got 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, rockets, snowmobiles picsSteven Norris16
Looking for a heavy hitting amp! On a budget around 600.00 dollars!! charlie37
Tweeter, and not the storeYanks Fan24
Anybody on here have a Solo x 12?Goin Deaf3
L5'S TYPE-R'S OR MTX 9500'SLogan19
Someone Plz Help{]D [] {]V[} {]D6
High input{]D [] {]V[} {]D3
I blew my sub.B6
Swiss AudioWolfman5
Subwoofer noise{]D [] {]V[} {]D14
Dual 1 or Dual 2 ohm????Cody Scott Ashby11
Quick stupid questionrichard4
Alt help!!!Montana40
Better audio 1600?-Eric-10
Help me customize my box!!!richard10
Is this worth it??mat dope4
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