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Username: Spandmh1

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Registered: Oct-06
anyone on ecoustics think that audiobahn is overrated other than me? ive heard their immortal line of subs and dont get me wrong, they sound awesome but ive heard better. i recently got some RE XXX subs and all my friends were like, OMG u should got audiobahn u idiot! then i hooked my new subs up and i told them that these subs were going to change their lives.... and when they heard them they still were sayin audiobahn was the best. does anyone else here think that audiobahn is overrated? i personally think they are made to be flashy with all those g@y a55 designs on them...

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Username: Th3pwn3r

Chicago, Illinois U.S.A

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Registered: Jul-06
Actually...just about everyone on this forum thinks that Audiobahn is complete garbage :-)

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Username: Spandmh1

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lol. i highly agree.

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Username: Sweet_subs

Memphis, Michigan Usa

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i higly agree. i bought oen for my first sub its was the 400 rms one and i only sent if 350 and within a month it was junk i frized to vc's. so dont buy junkbahn. its onyl use is a paper weight

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Username: J_baby15


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give that XXX some power and a good install and then they'll stfu.

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Username: Mike_16

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yea they are junk i just had got two aluminum 12's for free there suposed to be like 2000 watts and i hook up a crapy legacy to them and they sound so crapy.. and allot of ppl i know think there so great but they distort so badd its not funny there definatley overrated some may get loud but there definately not meant to last long or sound to good....

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people buy that junk just for looks, and chrome... u will always see it in a car show!

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Username: Stnorris

Davenport, IA US

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what size xxx is it, and what amp are you running?

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Username: Rvlacos

DD 3512 United States

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audiobahn is sh!t! even they no it so

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Username: Mike_16

Burlington, Wisconsin Us

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yea one of my friends had the flame q;s and a 1600 watt adiobahn amp and it was loud for about a week then it sounded like they were blown and distorting and wasnt even loud anymore .. they all suck.... there not worth nothing more than walmart subs to me lol

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Username: Dustin3

Tigard, OR U.S.

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what kind of amp are you runnin with the xxx? and what size xxx and 2005?

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Username: Bernymac

AQ HD3!!, CA United States

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If those were my friends, I would of B. Slapped them lmao.
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