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Best way to hook up my DVD player for audioChris Aldridge2
Coaxial to rcaacheron1
Need sturdy, inexpensive RCA's, won't spend more than $30/pr, help...Chris Aldridge3
What is adequate size cables?RnB2
Help! Speaker wire turning dark copper color?Wiregirl5
Speaker ConnectionsBerny2
My DIY cable tutorial page is up!RnB3
Monster Cable - Is it worth it?ej5
RGB Dsub 15pin to RCA breakout cableWilliam L Fairman1
Do speaker cables actually make a difference .Andy Goodman41
An interesting ideaDr. Adam Schirmacher1
RadioShack PCM digital coaxial cable questionDr. Adam Schirmacher2
Finally finished my DIY cable projectBerny5
Old plug replacement question?Berny4
50 ft. Component Cable, bad idea?GW2
Speaker wire to rcaBerny4
Trimming Monster CablesJim Newell4
Sound King or Phoenix Gold?Stone3
Unable to hook DVD player to TV?Berny2
Running speaker wire alongside A.C.Chris Aldridge2
RCA split out?Anonymous1
Maybe I'm retardedDr. Adam Schirmacher1
Anyone heard of Bluejeans Cables?RnB3
Quick conversion question, help neededVisitor2
Optical to Coaxial conversionQuestion Asker3
Monster vs. AR vs. RadioShackChris Aldridge2
Y - Connector for Subwoofers???? Please Help....T-REKZ INC.6
Sub-woofer connectionT-REKZ INC.2
Ditigat to 6 channelSteven Boda1
Line output with amplified output speakers?Dr. Adam Schirmacher11
Cables from TV, to Receiver?Anonymous1
I dunnoTravis3
Straight Wire Sextet Speaker CableChicobiker2
StraightWire "NEW" Symphony CablesChicobiker1
A Question of Cables...Berny5
DVDsteve in oz2
Review of Acoustic Research 6' MS291 ?Anonymous8
S-Video optionsShawn Michael Leeth1
Analog audio to coxial digital audio?Nick smith1
One Optical In... Two devices outputting Optical signals.Berny2
So much information!!!!Anonymous2
Which banana plug to buy?Anonymous1
Component wires?John Loomis3
D.I.Y. cablesMatt Haug1
I need help with audio interconnects????Chicobiker2
In need of speaker cables!KEGGER6
Audioquest GR8 Speaker CablesChicobiker2
HELP - Home Theater (Best & Cheapest cable)Chicobiker2
Cables between amp and pre-proChicobiker2
Rhapsody 15ft cablesChicobiker3
Analog TV/dvd player - component or s-video cables?Warren6
Scart problems - HELPMerwyn Machado1
Convert RCA output to speaker wire6357t5rhfghbebtby455
Help with RF modulatorPriya Ghate1
RCA plugs onto speaker wire?78king1
Can composite Audio Cables be used instead of Componet Video Cablesj.j.4
Wireless a/v sender recieverMark Con1
Acoustic Research HT, Pro, and Master seriesJohn Ramirez1
Bi-wiring and center channelAnonymous1
Wiring a pair of Sony earplugs/cable to new 3.5mm jack??jim dunc1
Fencing wire is good enough for digital coax connectionMick3
Digital coaxial splitter helpmatt mck1
Spring Clip adaptors?Berny2
Connecting Sub Out to Amplifierjohn m3
Surge Protector/Line Conditioner for new NAD SystemHassan Malik1
Audioquest or monster component video please help ??JDG3
I got a questionJDG5
Hi im doin a course on sound, does any1 hav any info on the various...Lee1
Ixos Gamma 6006creed2
YARBO cable?Anthony Tigero3
Power conditionersadrian obrejan10
Converter helpSue Quartararo1
Speaker Wire Lengths?Berny2
Genesis speaker cables...scoobs19692
BI-WIRINGFred McAmis12
Solid copper electrical wire w/skin for speaker to amp...Peter Commeyne3
DVI Cable Connectionsal al2
Herringbone pattern on digital cableeg1
Cable connection problem audioSteven2
Radio Shack Speaker Wire billy earle12
Can Composite be Converted to Component???Club Fusion, Fitchbu1
Newbie --> need help with banana plugs (screw adjustment plugs)....Anonymous4
RG-6 cableJohn Jamieson1
Optical cable for all in one dvd system? help please Berny6
S-Video and Optical Connections Anonymous10
New House Wired for 5.1, how to connect Sub???john molitor5
Component Video CablesHawk4
Component to RGB(VGA/15 Pin)???tiong chandra5
Component Video cables helpRico J1
Speaker wire and RCA/MINI splicing Question.will haxthausen3
Cables and Speaker WireStone3
Assistance with monster cablesHTJunkie5
Sub hookupHTJunkie2
Is there much difference for using 14Ga speaker wire and 16 Ga wire?HTJunkie4
Cable and bi-wire questionFred McAmis3
S-Video Connection and Component Video Connection?Dubz10
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