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Can you bi-wire regular speakers and would there be any advantage. Like run two speaker wires to each speaker.

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I dont think this would provide any real benefit. All the bi-wiring would do is reduce the resistance from amp to speaker, which is not really significant as long as the cables are of suitable gauge.

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Joe C.

Provided your speaker has dual binding post for low and high frequency bi-wiring em` to your amp can mean an audible difference to the sound you hear.Reducing the resistance in itself is a marked improvement however all these things would depend on your hearing faculties.
Best way to find out of course if you try it I say!

Good Luck

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If you have a speaker with a bi-wireable terminal facility, it's there for a reason. Dont "double-up" cables unless you have FOUR connectors on the back of the speaker.
People who state bi-wiring doesn't "do anything" or "it's too expensive" or drag up that stupid "resistance increases" babble or state their grandpa didn't bi-wire his Model T haven't tried bi-wiring a good speaker with good cables

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chicobiker is right on there if your speakers are
biwireable by all means do it.

but if they have single conections don't.

if the speakers are biwireable i usually try to
pick up a second amp and biamp them.
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