Straight Wire Sextet Speaker Cable


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These cables have an immediate, agreeable, "up front" sound. Nicely detailed in the highs and mid-range, but not obsessively revealing. Voices are quite natural and a reasonable sized, 'just-right' solid soundstage develops. Instrumental tonality is very accurate. There is NO WHERE near the overwhelming size to the soundstage as compared to some high-buck MIT cables I heard recently. That soundstage was like standing by a heli-pad. Spectral presentation is fine, esp for the price and there is no annoying coloration. The only slightly weak factor is LOWER Bass. These cables, for all their attributes in the remaining 4/5 of the sound spectrum, don't have much OOMPH in the LOWEST bass region, and are a tad dry down there. This becomes noticeable, as a minor weakness only, on smaller drivers tuned to bass notes, smaller 2 way systems, or non-ported cabinets. Adjusting the bass control doesn't alleviate it, but putting a ported speaker closer to a boundary is useful. But, nonetheless for the sweet upper 85%, there is still a tendency for the lowest bass region to be under-funded.
These cables will work well on better bookshelf speakers, better two way towers where a pronounced bass is not needed, or a sub is in the loop. Given the $100 price, they are a steal and are suitable for better applications, esp where the system has adequate bass drivers and can reveal good midrange tones and render clean treble with spatially correct harmonics.

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Dog gone it! (what ever that means?) forgot the dern attachmentUpload
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