Wiring a pair of Sony earplugs/cable to new 3.5mm jack??


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Would anyone know how I can achieve this? Such as sites that go through what is wired to where?
A pair of earplugs have broken (excessive wear broke the cable near the connector) so Ive brought a new jack and just thought I'd be able to solder the new one on...
Trouble is of course Ive run into a snag. I'm not too sure which leads go where? Cutting the cable revealed 4 wires, 1 red with an accompaning copper wire and 1 green and with a bare copper wire.
As far as I thought, I could just solder the respective red and green wires to each of the jacks pins and solder the 2 copper wires presumably to the ground.

I've tried every combination and Im not getting anything, not even a crackle??
Could there be something special inside Sony 3.5mm jacks or something? I'd love to open up the old jack but the connection is moulded plastic and I don't think I can open it without practically destoying the joints in the process!

What Im beginning to thin is that maybe the 'amount ' of bare wire making a connection needs to be more? Maybe this amplifies the signal strength? Or do these kind of things work on the 'if its touching then it will work' principal?

Any ideas? I'd really of thought some bright spark would have done this already, especially on Sony stuff!?

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