S-Video Connection and Component Video Connection?


I have been wondering since I bought AV receiver a month ago that

1. What is the real difference between S-Video Connection and Component Video Connection?

2. Which is latest and better? how?

Any real good information is appreciated!

Great article on this here:


The quality of video connections is as follows, from worst to best:

S-Video (introduced in the 1980s)
Component (mid-90s)

One difference between S-Video and Component is that Component cables are the only ones that can transmit high-definition video signals (i.e. 1080-interlaced resolution in 16:9 aspect ration). So if you have a high definition TV, you MUST use component cables to view HD programming.

On the other hand, S-Video and even Composite cables often transmit Standard definition signals better than Component video cables. It depends on the signal you receive and the set top box you are using. Also, component video signals from most set top boxes cannot be stretched while S-video and Composite can, so if you have a widescreen TV and watch programs or DVDs with 4:3 aspect ratio in stretch mode, S-Video cables are probably the best option.

I should add that a lot of folks who have digital cable boxes that do transmit some channels in high definition actually run two connections to the TV ... to one video input they'll use component, and to another input they'll use S-Video ... for HD channels they'll switch to the component inputs, for SD channels they'll switch to S-Video input. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE DIFFERENT INPUTS TO MAKE CONNECTIONS TO AVOID DAMAGING THE SET ... NEVER USE MORE THAN ONE CONNECTION TO ONE INPUT.

Thanks for the valuable information.

I guess you are the right person for me to ask this question too:

1. What is the real difference between Coaxial Digital Connection and Digital Fiber Optical Connection?

2. Which is latest and better? why?

Thanks for your help.

i heard people said that if use component in a 21' tv is not diffrenent between using a s-video on a 21' tv,is this real??

Makes sense if you think about it: the smaller the screen becomes, the less obvious picture flaws are, and likewise, the less obvious image quality variations between the two types of connection (which are already subtle, even on a bigger screen).

Where do you people get your information??? Making up answers only confuses people more and causes bad decisions to be made. Post questions at www.barretts.tv if you want real answers.

Can anyone help me. I have just got a new PC with XP running and have got a VIVO card and have been trying to play my Sony Video Camera through the PC so I can edit it etc through Movie Maker. The small handbook for the Card (A g-force 4 I think it's called by qdigrp (website name at least) says to use the S-Video lead from camera to PC, but nothing is happenning. Regardless of every which way I have tried - no success. Any suggestions ? Can someone help me and send an answer to my e-mail address - cuzzad@yahoo.com
I used the Video out to play a DVD on the PC through the TV so I know I am on the right track, but the handbook does not help !!


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for an edtv hook up can i use s-video or do i have to use component video

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component. svideo wont hold the proggressive picture (i assume your hooking up a progressive dvd player?).
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