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Treehouse Labs BiKN Smart Case for iPhone

Treehouse Labs BiKN Smart Case for iPhone

Treehouse Labs announced BiKN for iPhone (pronounced “beacon”) which combines a radio-enabled smart case for iPhone driven by the myBiKN app and clip-on tags to keep users connected to the things that matter most to them whether the iPhone is turned off or in sleep mode.

“In creating BiKN we asked, 'why can't your phone case protect more than just your phone?'. BiKN is essentially a wireless network for your stuff with both a head — our smart case — and a heart — the myBiKN app.” said John Howard, Founder & CEO of Treehouse Labs. “It's not just an alarm or a tether. BiKN enables your iPhone to keep up with your stuff and your stuff to page your phone. Even if it is dead or turned off.”

Low-profile and elegant, BiKN smart case can be configured to the user's personal taste. Users can choose either a black or bright-white gloss base case and pair it with one of six soft-touch, snap-on matte color highlights. The electronic-enabled base slides into the color piece accessing the iPhone 30-pin connector. The micro-USB port allows users to charge and sync the iPhone while in the BiKN case.

BiKN tags are designed to be easily clipped onto things that matter such as a key chain, backpack or child's belt loop. Users can configure up to 8 tags with the myBiKN app. As with the BiKN smart case, the tags can be configured in either a black or white base color with one of six highlight colors. Additionally, each tag features a cap that unlocks, slides off and reveals a micro-USB port for a quick and convenient charge.

BiKN App

myBiKN enables users to “Find”, “Leash” or “Page” items from the iPhone. The user interface is clean and intuitive. “Find” mode includes a visual meter and audio signal that helps locate the misplaced item. The “Leash” feature enables the user to control how far a tagged item can be separated from the smart case before an alarm sounds on both the phone and tag. The “Page” function can sound an alert on one or multiple tags (or other BiKN smart cases) making it ideal for families or groups. Additionally, the myBiKN app tells the user exactly how much battery life is left in the smart case and tags.

Price and Availability
BiKN for iPhone will be available for sale in Winter 2012. Check price

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