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Samsung WB150F SMART Wi-Fi Digital Camera

Samsung WB150F SMART Wi-Fi Digital Camera

Samsung introduced the 14.2-megapixel WB150F long-zoom (18x optical zoom) Wi-Fi digital camera, which they are calling a SMART camera because it offers Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless photo sharing, backup and connecting to Samsung's SMART TV's.

With the wireless capabilities included, sharing is quicker and easier than ever. From any Wi-Fi hotspot, users can email photos, or share them on social networks such as Facebook and Picasa or post videos to YouTube in a few simple steps.

The new login browser makes it possible for users to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot in hotels, airports, coffee shops or other locations which may require visiting a landing page before gaining access to an internet connection.

The new Smart Camera also interface with Samsung's line of Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PCs, tablets and smartphones, creating a truly unique and integrated ecosystem.

Samsung WB150F SMART Digital Camera - back

The WB150F camera supports Remote Viewfinder features, allowing users to remotely control the camera's shutter, zoom and flash from the palm of their hand, using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Samsung TV Link allows the new Smart Camera to connect to a TV or Blu-ray player without wires — so photos and movies can be shared and enjoyed on the biggest TV on the house.

The Samsung Mobile Link application makes it a snap for users to transfer photos from the camera directly to a supported phone or tablet, using a free app available for download in the Android marketplace. Further, the new Smart Cameras support WiFi Direct technology for peer-to-peer transfers with any Samsung Galaxy device — no wireless router required.

The Auto Backup function easily manages users' photo transfers by quickly and securely connecting the camera wirelessly to their PC — no need for clumsy USB cables or fumbling with memory cards.

Samsung WB150F SMART Digital Camera - side

Microsoft Sky Drive Cloud services are also integrated so photos can be accessible anywhere, and from any connected device. Additionally, the in-camera editing feature allows users to edit images directly on the camera prior to sharing them, eliminating the need for a PC to make adjustments.

Samsung's Smart Auto setting analyzes, identifies and automatically selects the most appropriate of its scene modes to provide users with the best possible result every time. From a brilliant fireworks display to a dimly-lit party environment, scene detection technology identifies the shooting conditions and automatically tailors the settings to help achieve standout results. For users seeking more control over their photo-taking experience, the WB150F allows them to explore their own photographic skills with the Full Manual Control setting, while also taking advantage of the camera's dual image stabilization (DIS). HD video is recorded at 720p/30fps.

The Live Panorama function allows consumers to capture even more of the action, facilitating wide panoramic shots which don't miss any of the detail, from sprawling mountain peaks through to large groups of friends. By simply holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the subject users want to capture, the camera can seamlessly stitch together a dynamic scene. Users can even preview the whole image they've just captured via the ultra-clear AMOLED screen.

Fun Features
With Split Shot, camera users can divide the screen into three separate shots and create up to three different photographs by simply blending them together to create a whole new view of their travels. Using Magic Frame they can also position their target in the middle of a fun background — either choose from one of the many pre-designed backgrounds like movie billboards or posters or erase part of an existing picture to get even more creative! Or use the Picture-in-Picture feature to insert a photo — whether an eye-catching monument or personal portrait into another image or video so users can combine their favorite shots to make a memorable collage. Finally, users can also bend, stretch, and warp pictures of friends and family for big laughs — with the Funny Face feature. Simply press the 5-direction key to enlarge heads or noses, or create hilarious distortions. When they move the camera, Face Tracking preserves the funny looks just the way they want them.

Pricing and Availability
Samsung WB150F → $229.99 (available now)

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