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Parasound Zamp Quattro Four Channel Amplifier

Parasound Zamp Quattro Four Channel Amplifier

Parasound just released the Zamp Quattro, a four-channel/two-zone power amplifier that measure 9-1/2 inches wide and is one rack space tall, making it ideal for many varied custom installation solutions. The amplifier is targeted at audiophiles who have limited rack space in a whole-home audio solution. The Zamp outputs 4 x 50 watts @ 8 ohms or 4 x 90 watts @ 4 ohms, all channels driven.

The Zamp Quattro retains rugged Parasound build quality and use of premium parts throughout as well as versatile turn-on, signal routing and hookup options. Unlike most Class D amplifiers for CI that are based on inexpensive car audio chips, the Zamp Quattro’s Swedish Class D uses only high-grade parts. With additional output filtering the result is a great sounding amp that produces very little heat, is stable with low impedance loads and is protected from short-circuited speaker wires.

Parasound Zamp Quattro Four Channel Amplifier - back

In addition to RCA line input jacks, it includes speaker-level inputs to integrate with receivers lacking pre-amp outputs. Channels 3 and 4 can be connected with RCA jacks or to a bus from Zone 1. Level controls are rear-mounted to avoid client tampering. Automatic turn on options include a 12-volt and an ultra-sensitive audio trigger. Speaker outputs are 10 amp terminal blocks for convenience when connecting speaker wires.

The Parasound Zamp Quattro is available in a black half-rack width rack-mount capability. Optional accessories are a matching blank panel to rack mount a single set, a panel coupler to rack mount any two Z-Custom models and the half-rack width Zrack to mount up to five Z-Custom components.

Parasound Zamp Quattro Four Channel Amplifier - inside

Price and Availability
The Parasound Zamp Quattro Parasound four-channel power amplifier begins shipping to dealers this week for $650.

Note: The $350 two-channel Class AB Zamp v.3 will continue in the lineup.

  • Janet

    Complete novice here. What does 4 channel, 2 zone mean? I’m seeking an amp that will power/provide sound to at least two sets of remote speakers in other parts of our home.

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