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Optoma EW330 and EX330 DLP Projectors

Optoma EW330 and EX330 DLP Projectors

Optoma Unveils Two New Ultra-Portable, Grab-and-Go DLP Projectors That Offer Full-Screen/Wide-Screen Flexibility

Optoma, the award-winning manufacturer of digital projection and display devices, has introduced two new ultra-portable DLP projectors, the EW330 and the EX330, designed specifically for the on-the-go presenter who needs a projector that’s as light and powerful as possible. Weighing in at only 2.4 lbs, both the EW330 (WXGA) and the EX330 (XGA) combine the brightness of a 2200 lumen lamp and a 2000:1 contrast ratio with HD compatibility to create the perfect grab-and-go solution for today’s business road warriors.

“The new EW330 and EX330 projectors deliver the ultimate in grab-and-go portability for any business person”, said Jon Grodem, Optoma’s director of product and marketing. “Both offer a unique combination of size, weight and brightness that will make them the preferred projectors for the on-the-go road warrior.”

Both projectors utilize Texas Instruments’ DLP chipset combined with BrilliantColor™ image processing technology to deliver superb picture quality. They both offer VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA+ Resized, VESA, PC and Macintosh compatibility and provide input connection ports for HDMI, VGA, composite video, S-video and USB. Both projectors incorporate a new quick shut down feature, which lets you power down without delay, pack it up, and go, and each also includes an advanced remote control that includes an integrated laser pointer and a page advance feature.


The EW330, with its native aspect ratio of 16:10, is built specifically to accommodate today’s widescreen laptop computers that have become increasingly popular and are used extensively for video playback of widescreen HD content.

The EX330, with its 4:3 native aspect ratio, is designed primarily for full-screen presentation images. But since it offers a 16:9 format as well, it is also well equipped to deliver window box formats. The EX330 provides a minimum projection distance of 3.3 feet at which the image size would be 22.9 inches diagonally. The projection distance can be increased to as much as 39.37 feet, where it will project an image of more than 25 feet.

The EW330 carries a suggested price of $1199.00 and the EX330 has a suggested price of $1099.00.

EW330-remotePhotos are identical for both projectors

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