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NAD C 426 FM/AM Tuner

NAD C 426 FM/AM Tuner

NAD Electronics has introduced the C 426 FM/AM Tuner, offering ultra-low standby power, a new sleek design, and a host of convenient features.

The C 426 builds on the strengths of previous NAD tuners by offering reception quality that rivals that of today's broadcasts. This tuner gets the maximum out of the airwaves by employing a MOS-FET RF Front End design, high quality components, and careful PCB layout. With these features, NAD is able to achieve excellent sensitivity with low intermodulation distortion to provide a musically satisfying performance. Even the AM section of the C 426 retains excellent clarity together with lowest possible background noise.

In line with global concern over climate change, NAD has completely redesigned the power supply for improved efficiency and extremely low power consumption during standby while still allowing all remote activation and control interfaces.

The C 426 FM/AM Tuner is easy and convenient to use with its 30 available presets in any combination of AM and FM stations; nameable presets (up to eight characters) for AM and non-RDS stations; RDS PS (Program Service) that automatically displays the name of the radio station; RDS RT (Radio Text) that displays additional information broadcast by the radio station (such as the artist and/or song); Auto Search for optimised tuning; and a “Blend” feature that narrows stereo separation and improves noise.

NAD C 426 FM/AM Tuner - Black

NAD C 426 FM/AM Tuner - Back

Key features of the C 426 FM/AM Tuner include:

  • RDS PS (Station name) and RT (Radio text)
  • 8 Character preset naming capability for AM and non-RDS stations
  • 30 Station random presets (AM or FM)
  • VFL display
  • MOS-FET RF Front End
  • RS-232 Interface
  • IR Input
  • NAD Full Function Remote Control
  • <0.5W Standby power consumption

NAD C 426 FM/AM Tuner specifications see the data sheet (pdf). The C 426 is available in titanium or black.

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