Marantz PM6004 Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Marantz announced the PM6004 stereo integrated amplifier, upgrading their already excellent PM6003 amplifier by refining the sound and optimizing the balance from bass to mid to highs for a performance full of harmony.

The key design change within the PM6004 is that both the pre-amplification and power amplification sections now exclusively feature discrete components — there is not a single operation amplifier integration circuit in sight. Specially selected single components outperform ICs in quality, plus they make it possible to refine the sound in much more detail, resulting in more clarity and transparency in the sound stage. The highly successful lower impedance Toroidal transformer with case-shield has been retained, as have the customised main capacitors, as well as the extruded aluminium heat sink-mounted potential power transistor. All of the practical original features – such as the six-line audio input including high-quality phono stage, two-pairs of gold- plated speaker connections with the convenience of bi-wiring, and handy remote handset — remain in place.

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Price and Availability
The Marantz PM6004 will be available September 2011 in black or silver-gold for $599.99.

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