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Harman Kardon HD 990 CD Player

Harman Kardon HD 990 CD Player

Harman has released the harman kardon® HD 990 CD player optimized for precision playback. New, high-performance technology offers music lovers the rich and organic sound experience they crave. Two stereo digital-to-analog converters bring third-generation Real-Time Linear Smoothing (RLS III) for spacious, detailed sound. High-resolution synchronization offers maximum precision, while jitter-free clock synchronization preserves harmonic notes. Two digital inputs improve the sound quality from external devices, creating a CD player that is simply unparalleled.

As both a high performer and outperformer compared to all Harman Kardon CD players before it, the HD 990 elevates the CD-listening experience — thanks in part to its two high-performance digital-to-analog converters, optimized for precision playback. It's also quite versatile, as evidenced by its compatibility with most recordable or erasable disc formats, including CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 with ID3-tag support. Designed in part to accompany the powerful Harman Kardon 150-watt HK 990 integrated stereo amplifier, the HD 990 can stand alone — or be a highly capable focal point of a more significant home entertainment system.


  • Two high-performance stereo digital-to-analog converters deliver third-generation Real-Time Linear Smoothing
  • CD-Text support
  • MP3 playback with ID3 support
  • Direct digital input improves the quality of sound from external devices
  • Full compatibility with CD-R and CD-RW format to play recordable and erasable discs

Price and Availability
The harman kardon HD 990 CD player is available now for $699.

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