Epson PowerLite Pro G-series Installation Projectors

Epson PowerLite Pro G6900WU Projector

Epson announced seven new PowerLite Pro G-series installation projectors which offer 4,500 to 7,000 lumens of color and white light brightness using a single lamp. Building upon the success of the previous generation of Pro G projectors, this new series offers advanced features such as edge blending, 360-degree installation, six optional lenses, and several connectivity options. The new projectors are designed for medium to large custom installations in corporations, higher education, houses of worship, and rental and staging.

“Venues using installation projectors require bright, flexible and reliable projection solutions, which is what we are delivering with the Pro G-series,” said Sean Gunduz, product manager, High Lumen Projectors, Epson America, Inc. “These installation projectors offer brighter solutions and integrate the most recent technological advancements in the industry, such as edge-blending technology for curved and corner screens and HDBaseT and HD-SDI connectivity options, which will benefit customers across many markets and maximize their ROI.”

Featuring a new design and improvements, including a new chassis and cooling system, the Pro G-series includes several advanced features from the Epson PowerLite Pro Z-series projectors, such as edge blending, 360-degree installation for more flexible setup, and Point and Arc image correction. The projectors are also equipped with features to enrich the video viewing experience, including frame interpolation to deliver sharper and smoother pictures during fast motion videos, and the Faroudja DCDi chipset to enhance video quality with deinterlacing. The Pro G-series also offer high image quality, including life-like color reproduction and C2Fine Technology for darker blacks, and are housed in black or white casing to easily blend into any venue.

Epson G-series connectivity

These new models also offer advanced features and functionality for high-end custom installation scenarios, including:

  • Short throw lens: With zoom and lens shift capabilities
  • Advanced adjustment capabilities: Includes color uniformity and pixel alignment adjustments
  • Lens shift lock: Prevents natural lens shifting due to vibration and/or gravity
  • Advanced Split Screen: Two side-by-side windows and three layout options; video and presentation materials run simultaneously; now supports two digital inputs
  • 3D Stackable: For stacked 3D applications using polarized passive glasses
  • Remote Control: Improved remote includes three user buttons for added customization

Advanced Connectivity Options
The PowerLite Pro G6750WU, Pro G6900WU and Pro G6800 include connectivity options for HDBaseT, a new technology that integrates full HD video and audio, Ethernet, and serial communication, into a single CAT 5/6 cable that can be extended up to 328 feet. HDBaseT eliminates costly and labor intensive cable extension process and signal repeaters for large venue installations. The Pro G6900WU and Pro G6800 integrate connectivity for HD-SDI, which is the standard for transmitting uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video and signals over short distances, predominantly used in professional television studios.

Epson’s PowerLite Pro projectors come with a three-year limited warranty that includes two elite technical support services – Epson PrivateLine phone support where projector owners can directly access an expedited support telephone line by using a phone card that is included with the product, and a Road Service projector replacement program that includes projector exchange in one business day.

Pricing / Avail.
PowerLite Pro G6050W
$3,799 (April 2013)
PowerLite Pro G6150
$3,599 (April 2013)
PowerLite Pro G6450WU
$3,999 (April 2013)
PowerLite Pro G6550WU
$4,999 (April 2013)
PowerLite Pro G6750WU
$5,999 (May 2013)
PowerLite Pro G6800
$4,799 (July 2013)
PowerLite Pro G6900WU
$6,499 (July 2013)
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