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DISH Network SuperJoey and Wireless Joey

DISH Network SuperJoey and Wireless Joey

DISH Network just announced two set-top boxes that provide greater DVR functionality and wireless streaming capabilities for watching live or recorded shows in any room of your house. Both devices work in conjunction with the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR platform. The original Joey debuted in early 2012.

The SuperJoey features two satellite tuners, remote finder functionality, and supports MoCA and Ethernet connectivity. When added to the Hopper’s native three tuners, Super Joey enables users to watch and record up to eight shows simultaneously while using DISH’s exclusive PrimeTime Anytime feature (or record up to five shows when PrimeTime Anytime is not being used.)

The Wireless Joey system opens up installation options where coaxial or Ethernet wiring is difficult to achieve or undesirable. The Wireless Joey installation includes a Wireless Joey Access Point and a Wireless Joey client.

The Wireless Joey Access Point can serve two Wireless Joey clients by creating its own dedicated 802.11ac Wi-Fi cloud within the home. This approach ensures that other Wi-Fi devices in a household do not degrade the Hopper’s video quality. The Wireless Joey Access Point connects directly to the Hopper and will work in homes that do not have Internet access.

Price and Availability
SuperJoey is expected in Q1 2014, and Wireless Joey is due out this spring.

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