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ADA Cinema Reference Mach IV A/V Preamp/Processor

ADA Cinema Reference Mach IV A/V Preamp/Processor

Audio Design Associates (ADA) announced the Cinema Reference Mach IV Home Theater Preamplfier, Controller and 16 Channel TEQ Trinnov Optimizer which claims to be the world's most advanced home cinema preamp/processor.

The Cinema Reference Mach IV features an impressive seven-inch 1080p front panel touch-screen display that doubles as a video preview display and setup interface. The rear panel boasts eight HDMI inputs with dual mirror HDMI outputs. By the time you connect a set-top-box, Blu-ray, game console, Apple TV, and camcorder, you are out of inputs. In addition to 12 audio-only components, you could connect at least 8 AV sources directly to the Cinema Reference. All switching is HDMI 1.4 3D compliant.

While the Cinema Reference Mach IV is feature loaded with every imaginable type of input connection, its defining feature is the built-in TEQ-16 sixteen-channel Trinnov electronic room correction optimizer. “The Cinema Reference Mach IV is the world's only pre/pro with a built-in TEQ optimizer featuring Trinnov's incredible technology.” adds Stoerger. “From both digital and HDMI inputs, the signal path directly to the output stage is purely digital with no A/D and D/A conversion in between processing and post-processing stages.”

Combining ADA's stellar decoding, sound, feature set and integration control with Trinnov's heralded room optimization and 3D remapping technology, the Cinema Reference Mach IV stands alone. It's 1080p display doubles as a 16×9 preview monitor and TEQ Trinnov touch-screen. The TEQ (Trinnov) electronic room correction optimizer is an all-digital audio stage from the inputs right to the 16-channel balanced or unbalanced outputs. This powerful combination of cutting-edge technologies delivers unmatched flexibility and performance.

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  • 8 HDMI 1.4 (3D) inputs & dual-mirror outputs
  • Unbalanced (6) & Balanced (2) Audio Inputs
  • Optical (2), Coax (5) & Balanced (1) Digital Inputs
  • 8 Channel Bypass Input (Balanced & RCA)
  • 8 Channel Unbalanced & Stereo Record Outputs
  • 16 Channel TEQ Trinnov Optimizer Output
  • Dual LAN Connections (TEQ & Cinema Ref)
  • Expandable to 32 Channels (TEQ-16 Slave)

MSRP: $40,000 (available end of March 2012)

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