Amazon Redesign Sneak Peek

Amazon Redesign Sneak Peek

It appears is about to launch a new redesign. The company normally tests pages to a small subset of users before officially launching, and I seem to have been one of the lucky few to preview it. So I have captured a screen shot of the new homepage.

New Homepage ↓

Old (Current) Homepage ↓ Old Homepage

After perusing the sub-category and product pages it appears the main change is the header and the replacement of the left side navigation with drop-down navigation to the left of the search bar. The body and footer appear exactly the same, as well as the fonts and link colors (at least right now).

I am not aware of a special link to force you into the new redesign, but if I learn of one I will update this post. You could try reloading Amazon's homepage or clearing your cookies.

So what do you think of Amazon's new look? How many changes can you spot?


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