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Video: Is Spotify Destined to Fail?

Ealan Osborne investigates why Spotify’s business model may have been doomed to fail from the beginning.

Spotify has paid out $40 billion dollars to the music industry. So why is no one happy? There is a lot of blame, but not a lot of solutions. Let’s take a step back and examine what led us here, and see if there’s way out of it. How much longer can Spotify go on losing money?

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  1. ORT

    April 2, 2023 at 9:09 pm

    Verily, this doth beggeth the quextion: So hey. If this sucketh now how much better was it back when there was only airplay as in Terrestrial Radio?

    I know the Beatles only “made money” when they toured and they were (and remain) far more talented than any of these new farteests of today. So did terrestrial airplay make any real coin for back when people had to actually sing and sometimes play an instrument too?

    I was around but I have no idea as I am not given to believing the interwebs but a cursory search indicates TR (Terrestrial Radio) pays nothing to the artists when they play their music.

    From a Google search:

    Does terrestrial radio pay royalties?
    Since the dawn of radio, the United States has been and remains the only major country in the world where terrestrial radio pays no royalties to performers or recorded-music copyright owners of the songs it plays — a situation that is largely due to the powerful radio lobby’s influence in Congress.

    Apparently a lot of humanoids still “listen” to TR so perhaps these immensely artistically gifted peepses should petition Congress to change those rules and pester TR for some moolah?

    So until then, if TR plays your music you get nothing. The answer is to tour. But if you are a talent less purveyor of today’s poop music it may well be no one will pay to come see you lip-stink your stuff. ‘n’ sheit. Speaking of sheit.

    The talentless Hick-Hop (i.e. “fArtificial/puperficial country” farteest TayTay Swift has zombies for fans.

    My problem is that pretty much every one that I listen to is…DEAD. Yup. For the greater part I hate gnu music.


  2. Lash

    April 2, 2023 at 10:08 pm


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