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ZVOX Z-Base 555 and 580 Sound Bars


ZVOX announced the Z-Base 555 and Z-Base 580 single-box speaker bar, designed to fit elegantly under flat-panel TVs and use only one connecting wire. Both new models deliver revolutionary features and room-filling sound from real wood enclosures at prices that make them the clear choice versus plastic “home theater in a box” products.

“To most people, a high-performance surround sound system means lots of speakers, lots of wires and a giant owner's manual,” says ZVOX president Tom Hannaher. “But our new Z-Base systems deliver ground-breaking new features and accurate, three-dimensional sound from slim cabinets that seem to disappear under a TV. No external speakers. No external subwoofer. No big manual.”

The new systems combine a strong, traditional approach to high fidelity speaker design with radically new features, some of which have never before been used in home theater systems.

Great Sound: Both new ZVOX systems use five high quality full-range speakers and built-in subwoofers all housed within real wood (MDF) cabinets. New computer-controlled tonal balance delivers ultra-smooth midrange and remarkable bass (as low as 35 Hz). ZVOX's proprietary PhaseCue II virtual surround system creates room-filling three-dimensional sound–all from one cabinet.

Green Design: The new ZVOX systems feature a super-efficient Class-D digital amplifier that uses approximately 1/10th of a watt in standby mode–making it one of the “greenest” audio systems ever made.

Ultra-Clear Vocals: ZVOX systems are known for their startling vocal clarity. The Z-Base 555 and 580 add a stunning new feature: Dialog Emphasis (DE). When you push the “DE” button on the remote control you engage a circuit that mimics the functions of a hearing aid. We don't know of any other speaker system that provides such an easy-to-use and effective method for improving the intelligibility of television dialogue.

Output Leveling: If you've ever been blasted out of your chair by a too-loud commercial or by a cable channel that's twice as loud as another channel, you'll love the new Output Leveling (OL) feature on the ZVOX 555 and 580. Just push the OL button and a sophisticated compression system takes over, making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer so there are fewer jarring moments while you enjoy TV programming.

Controlled Remotes: The new Z-Base systems can be programmed to respond to your TV or cable/satellite remote control. The illuminated display walks you through an ultra-simple programming cycle. Then virtually ANY remote control can control volume, mute, power and input functions of the ZVOX system.

Disappearing Display: The 555 and 580 feature a four-digit display located behind the speaker grille that shows the current setting for volume, bass, treble and PhaseCue (virtual surround) — and also shows when you have engaged the Mute, Output Leveling (OL) or Dialog Emphasis (DE) features. A few seconds after you stop using your remote (or front panel) controls, the display disappears completely.

ZVOX Z-Base 555 Sound Bar - Back

ZVOX Z-Base 580 Sound Bar - Back

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Multiple Inputs… including front-panel connection for iPod and other portable devices: The new Z-Base systems each have two analog audio inputs, one optical (Toslink) digital input, one coaxial digital input — plus a front panel 3.5mm analog stereo input for convenient connection of your iPod or other portable audio device. Any specific input can be selected using either the remote control or the slim-line module below the speaker grille.

Wood Cabinet with Hand-Lacquered Side Panels: The 555 and 580 feature hand-built cabinets of MDF (medium density fiberboard) with beautiful hand-lacquered high-gloss end panels. Its low-profile design blends perfectly with flat-panel TVs. Most people don't even notice a Z-Base system…until they hear it.

Availability: The ZVOX 555 ($399.99) and 580 ($599.99) systems are shipping now.


ZVOX Z-Base 555 ZVOX Z-Base 580
Dimensions 28″w x 14 1/2″d x 3 3/8″h 36″w x 16.5″d x 5″h
Weight 20 pounds 33 pounds.
Amplifier 70 watt Class D digital amplifier 120 watt Class D digital amplifier.
Rear inputs (2) analog stereo inputs, (1) optical (Toslink) digital input, (1) coaxial digital input (2) analog stereo inputs, (1) digital (Toslink) optical input, (1) coaxial digital input.
Front input (1) 3.5mm stereo front panel input (1) 3.5mm stereo front panel input.
Frequency range 45 Hz – 20 kHz 35 Hz – 20 kHz.
Bass 5.25″ subwoofer dual 6.25″ subwoofers
Speakers Five 2″ main speaker drivers Five 3.25″ main speaker drivers
MSRP $399.99 $599.99
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