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ZVOX introduces worlds first full-range, on-wall home theater system — with dual powered subwoofers

Slim, stylish model 425 delivers incredibly realistic surround sound — including bass down to 35Hz — without external subwoofer, external speakers or speaker wires

Swampscott, Massachusetts, January, 2008– ZVOX is about to change how the world listens to TV with the model 425 single-cabinet home theater system. Only 5.5 inches deep, the new ZVOX 425 is a wall mounted surround system that combines elegant design and compact dimensions with outstanding performance. Not much bigger than many center channel speakers, the ZVOX 425 contains a powerful amplifier, five speakers, two powered subwoofers and ZVOX’s exclusive PhaseCue virtual surround circuitry.
“We believe we have developed the perfect audio system for use with flat-panel TVs,” says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. “There’s no bulky subwoofer to hide. No mass of connecting wires. No owner’s manual the size of a phone book. The 425 is the first wall-mountable system that puts everything in one cabinet — and it does so without sacrificing performance. People are going to be shocked by how good it sounds.”
Designed by audio industry legend Winslow Burhoe, the 425 continues the ZVOX tradition of exceptional quality sound from a single enclosure. Vocals are clear and present, music is natural and realistic–the 425 is true “high fidelity.” Surround effects seem to emanate from all over the room and the bass is thunderous when called for–but still very, very musical.
The perfect cure for flat-sounding flat TV’s
High Definition flat-panel TVs are popular because of their terrific picture quality and slim style; however their underwhelming audio quality has left consumers seeking more accurate sound for music or movie soundtracks. So how do you improve the flat-panel listening experience without cluttering your viewing room with speaker boxes, wires and subwoofers? Until now, it’s been almost impossible. The ZVOX 425 is the only system that creates high-quality, full-range sound in a slim, stylish, wall-mounted cabinet. Suggested retail selling price of the ZVOX 425 is $699.99
Features and benefits of the ZVOX 425
• Three 3.25″ full-range all-channel speakers — driven by their own dedicated amplifier — deliver rich, natural vocals with stunning clarity and realism.
• Two 3.25″ full-range speakers work with the ZVOX-exclusive PhaseCue system to create a very wide stereo soundstage for music — you’ll swear you’re listening to speakers 10 feet apart from each other. The PhaseCue system also generates remarkable, three-dimensional virtual surround sound effects with movie soundtracks.
• All five 3.25″ full-range drivers use Neodymium magnets and ferrofluid to create very high sound pressure levels from compact speakers.
• Two long-excursion 4″ powered subwoofers reproduce accurate low frequencies down to 35 Hz. These woofers generate outstanding bass response — but because they are side-firing, they do not cause serious wall vibrations.
• Unlike some virtual surround systems, the 425 reproduces music very accurately — with no “digital weirdness.” Female vocalists sound warm, rich and natural. Symphonic music sounds big and airy and awesome. Movie soundtracks are delivered with startling realism. And all sound is reproduced with a sense of distortion-free ease.
• The 425 is compact — only 36.5″w x 7.5″h x 5.5″d.
• The 425 is simple to install. It uses only one connecting cable to hook up to the audio outputs or headphone jack of a TV. With its convenient front-panel input, you can also use it with iPods, PCs, satellite radios, portable CD players, game consoles — anything with a headphone jack.
• The 425 is simple to use. Once connected to a TV, it can usually be controlled using the TV’s remote. Its auto-on/auto-off circuit comes on when you turn on your TV. The “owner’s manual” is one sheet of paper.
•• The 425 uses the ZVOX Infinite Compliance system — which connects the outer two speakers with an acoustic tube. This system helps create big sound from a slim cabinet.
• The 425 is bi-amplified, using a specially designed 133-watt amplifier that includes electronic contouring for superb frequency response.
• The system is magnetically shielded so it can be used near a TV or monitor.
• The 425 uses an MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood cabinet — instead of plastic. MDF is the preferred construction material for high-performance speakers.
• A credit card-sized remote controls volume, PhaseCue virtual surround, subwoofer, treble, power on/off and mute.
• Auto-on/auto-off circuit senses sound from source (TV, iPod, PC) and turns on the 425 two seconds later. Several minutes after it has received no signal, it automatically puts the amplifier into standby mode.
• Simple, single-cord connecting system uses RCA stereo jacks on rear panel.
• Two connecting cords are included: one RCA cable for connection to a TV, one 3.5mm mini jack cable for connection of a portable audio player to the front-panel input.
• The ZVOX 425 is backed by a two year limited parts and labor warranty.

About ZVOX Audio
ZVOX Audio is a collaboration of long-time industry veterans Tom Hannaher and Winslow Burhoe. Tom worked in marketing at Best Buy, Advent Corporation, Tweeter and Cambridge SoundWorks. Winslow worked at AR, KLH, Genesis, Nuance and Boston Acoustics — and was founder of EPI Loudspeakers. ZVOX Audio is dedicated to designing and manufacturing audio products that combine high sound quality, compact size, simplicity of use, and affordability.

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