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ZMF Releases Atrium Headphones: Early Thoughts

ZMF have released the new Atrium open-back headphones and there’s a lot going on under the grille.

ZMF Atrium Headphones in aged cherry

Atrium [ ey-tree-uhm ] // Latin: Roman architectural term referring to a central or hearth room, typically with domed or otherwise pitched ceiling, centrally open to the sky allowing for the control of air. 

When I think of an Atrium, I always think of an airy, open seasonal or four-season room attached to your house so you can continue the views from your favored locale. That really is the point; having an open view of the surroundings, even when we can’t continue that enjoyment outdoors.

Hence, the name of the latest from ZMF Headphones. As the near-flagship open-backed headphone, the Atrium is marketed as their “most open” design yet. The accompanying video delves deeper into the weeds details and is worth watching.

The Atrium will be available in Cherry ($2,299.99 USD) or Bubinga ($2,699.99 USD) which is only being offered in a limited run of 40 units.

ZMF Atrium Headphone Colors
ZMF Atrium (cherry) with ZMF Atrium LTD (middle)

The aged Cherry matches the aged copper colored grille, adding a certain patina to the overall look. Zach mentioned that the non-aged Cherry will darken over time due to exposure to the elements. To me, this personalizes the unit even more.

Inside, the Atrium uses a newly developed 300 ohm Biocellulose driver featuring an evolved material configuration for lower THD and an optimized frequency response. The open-back driver uses N52 magnets.

ZMF Atrium Headphones inputs
ZMF Atrium

The damping system (patent pending), allows ZMF to control the back-wave acoustical system by manipulating the spaces between; thus reducing the negative sound impulses (reactivity of cavity or bounce) more accurately.

This system can be tuned per each headphone model, allowing ZMF to tailor the sound by allowing certain back waves to come through along with how much damping occurs. 

ZMF Atrium LTD Bubinga Headphones with cables
ZMF Atrium LTD Bubinga

The grille is both visually appealing and functional. Mimicking a Gothic cathedral’s stained-glass window, the look of the grille plays as much into the sound as the functional part.

If you are in the market for the latest from ZMF, or interested in the marque, head over to their site, for this surely will be a hit and quantities may dwindle fast. 

Price & Availability

ZMF Atrium will be available April 1, 2022 at 10:00 CST for $2,299 (cherry) or $2,699 (LTD Bubinga).

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For more information:

ZMF Atrium Headphones in natural cherry


  1. ORT

    April 1, 2022 at 12:28 pm

    Gorgeous. Simply, gorgeous. Thank you!


  2. Steven Denfeld

    April 1, 2022 at 5:46 pm

    Judging by the amazingly personal experience I had buying my Vibro MkII ‘phones from Zach a while back (even going so far as to determine and finalize the exact finish I had in mind for the stain, with us emailing photos back and forth for ideas), I can only imagine how much cooler it would be to buy one of these Atriums. Even if they’re no longer quite so custom.

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