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Xantech — New Speakers Offer The Ecstasy of Exceptional Sound

Each Speaker Can Be Fine-Tuned, Delivering the Ultimate In Sound and Performance

Sylmar, Calif. — September 5, 2007 — Xantech Corporation has unveiled 16 new speakers with performance many never thought would be possible from installed speakers.

With a reputation for innovation, high quality, superior performance and perceived value in the market, the company began the speaker project three years ago with a mandate to deliver the ultimate in value and performance. Among the number of development goals:

• Develop best of breed performance and sound quality.
• Use only the best premium materials and parts.
• Develop a range of products that compliments other Xantech systems but can also be connected to home theaters and other amplifiers.
• Minimize the SKU count, maximize the solutions.
• Apply out of the box thinking, and innovation to the category.
• Invest extensive time to voice the speakers for the smoothest octave-to-octave balance, best
imaging and greatest dynamic range.

“Our engineers were tasked with examining every component of a speaker’s performance, from electronic components to structural materials and design, even how they interacted with the environment in the home,” said Graham Hallett, Xantech president. “Our goal was to deliver loudspeakers with the same high standards as those we employ in our multi-zone distribution systems and there is no doubt we were able to achieve it.”

The finished products evolved into three distinct model ranges. XTC Reference, the premium series, XTC and the value line called XC. The products are available as in-wall (rectangle), in-ceiling (round) and in-ceiling stereo configurations. There are speakers available with 5″-inch woofers, 6″-inch woofers and 8-inch woofers. Every system speaker has pivoting tweeters that allow the dealer to fine tune the image and “sweet spot” for every room and installation.

Some of the innovations include:

• Use of high-density fiber board (wood, like a box speaker) baffles instead of plastic baffles. The fiber baffles drastically improve rigidity, reduce resonances in the wall or ceiling, improve dynamic range and punch, and offer cohesive sound staging and a neutral balance more like a home speaker that comes in a wood box.
• Flexible impedance matching offer two binding posts, one for 8 ohms, and another for 6 ohms. Perfect for using two pair of the same speakers in the same zone maintaining a safe impedance for the amplifier.
• SoundPATH – a method to minimize distortion caused by the bridge that supports the tweeters in front of the woofers on ceiling speakers.
• Use of Aluminum/Magnesium metal woofers with titanium voice coils to improve the sound and power handling of XTC Reference.
• Use of Ferro-Fluid, a damping grease infused with magnetic material to smooth the high frequency range and improve power handling on all speakers.
• More robust EZ lock tabs for secure mounting to the walls.
• Gold plated binding posts for improved connectivity of the speaker wire.
• Tri-Level equalization to simplify matching sound due to the placement in an undesirable room acoustics situation.

XTC Reference Series Speakers
For the customer who appreciates the ultimate in fidelity, clarity and balance. The XTC Reference series is Xantech’s no compromise solution for unparalleled durability and matchless sound reproduction. A pivoting dome tweeter of Titanium allows pure piston motion throughout the frequency spectrum of the system. Rear acoustic damping and positive rubber surround removes ringing and achieves pure tones with low distortion. Premium AI/Mg aluminum magnesium material stay rigid during the most extreme bass notes and the agility delivers accuracy and dynamic bass response. A large titanium woofer voice coil increases power handling and results in greater control over the cone.

XTC Series Speakers
The XTC series speakers feature Xantech Tonal Control technology. A pivoting Teteron dome tweeter is constructed with advanced neodymium magnet, fluid-cooled and rear acoustic damping. The durable injection molded graphite woofer results in higher sensitivity and increased sound pressure levels. The XTC’s solid density SoundPATH bridge design provides sonic clarity by improving imaging and allowing more natural midrange fidelity. A high-density MDF wood baffle reduces in-wall vibrations and resonance.

XC Series Speakers
Stiff, light, mineral-filled polypropylene woofer cones feature improved smoothness and frequency extension. Aluminum woofer voice coils allow for increased power handling and long-term durability. A rubber half-roll surround dampens the cone to help long-term durability. The XC series speakers also contain a pivoting silk dome tweeter with wide dispersion design and are Ferro-fluid cooled for long term listening pleasure. The XC speakers easily reproduce sounds in the extended frequency range.

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With its exciting array of 16 new speakers, three years of development and some of the industry’s most cutting-edge innovations, customers can be assured that the XTC and XC line of loudspeakers will provide an exhilarating audio experience for even the most discriminating customer.

In Brief: Release Summary
• Xantech offers 16 new speakers with a number of innovative solutions
• Speakers are offered in three distinct model ranges
• Speakers were designed with same high standards as those in multi-zone distribution systems

About Xantech Corporation< .b>

Established in 1969, Xantech Corporation ( designs and manufactures an extensive range of state of the art A/V Distribution and Control Systems, and Component Products, many of which have become the de facto industry standards. Since 1969, over two million of these systems have been installed worldwide.

The Xantech product line includes LCD Touchpanel Controllers, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Audio/Video Systems, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Pre-amplifiers, Multi-Channel Audio Amplifiers, Infrared Receivers, Remote Control Switchers, Interface Modules, IR Connecting Blocks, IR Emitters, Volume Controls and IR Accessories. Products are sold to Professional Installers and Distributors directly from Xantech.

Xantech’s products are marketed in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Xantech is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. (, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of building products for residential and commercial markets. Nortek, established in 1967, is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

For additional information about Xantech and its innovative products, please visit

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