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Vantage Digital Music Manager


Not Just another Digital Audio Server

Vantage announced today the release of its newest innovation, the Digital Music Manager. Easily the most powerful and robust music solution on the market, the Digital Music Manager is the prime choice for the discriminating homeowner.

Equipped with the ability to automatically seek out all of the digital music sources in a home’s network, the Digital Music Manager can stream live from a laptop, USB/MP3 players, Internet Radio, or any shared music files; in addition to playing any of the CDs ripped and stored on the Digital Music Manager itself. No longer does the homeowner need to worry about different music sources or formats — the Digital Music Manager aggregates all audio sources, formats and remotes into one easily operated solution.

Furthermore, the Digital Music Manager boasts support for four independent audio streams; meaning that a homeowner can enjoy their favorite Internet radio station in the kitchen, while their son streams live from his laptop upstairs, their spouse enjoys ’80s music in the exercise room and a house guest listens to their iPod in the living room. What’s more, the guest’s iPod metadata will populate to the Digital Music Manager when plugged in, and stream live music from the iPod. When the iPod is removed, so too is the metadata content, restoring the system to its original state.

“The Digital Music Manager is the product of two years of research, collaboration, and attention to even the smallest detail,” said Andrew Wale, VP of marketing for Vantage. “The result is the most powerful system on the market, dedicated to the highest quality entertainment and listening experience.”

Unique to the Digital Music Manager is the CD ripping functionality; CDs are copied at seven times sampling to obtain the purest quality audio. A dealer can actually put a CD that is scratched beyond use into the Digital Music Manager, and when ripped it sounds brand new.

The Digital Music Manager comes equipped with the following:

  • 500 Gigabytes of storage (approximately 800-1000 CDs) with an option to upgrade to a Terabyte
  • Free Internet Radio (V Tuner)
  • USB/MP3 support
  • Network Attached Storage Device (NAS) with ripping capability and back-up drive
  • High Quality Ripping & Sampling

The Digital Music Manager seamlessly integrates with Vantage’s InFusion Media Platform, Axium multi-room amplifier and touch screen interfaces. In fact, the intelligent interface is another key feature of the Digital Music Manager. The user-friendly interface displays album cover art, allows the homeowner to search by artist, album or genre, and creates and stores playlists.

One of the key components of the Digital Music Manager is the power that drives the music platform. Partnering with only the best, Vantage chose London-based Digital Fidelity’s DigiFi™ platform. The DigiFi platform offered the flexibility and functionality that Vantage needed to create a solution powerful enough to drive the robust Digital Music Manager.

Vantage also partnered with renowned content-provider and loading company Terra-SAN, so that the Digital Music Manager can be pre-loaded for the homeowner with hundreds of songs from any musical genre they prefer. Terra-SAN will either pre-load content directly to the Digital Music Manager, or ship dealers a customized, pre-loaded hard drive to upload to the Digital Music Manager. Terra-SAN is acclaimed for its ability to groom, restore, hand-edit and load audio for sound quality that exceeds that of the original.

Finally, dealers wishing to load content to the Digital Music Manager in-house can go through Vantage’s third partner, MF Digital. MF Digital offers solutions based on its celebrated Ripstation software and industry-leading robotics. MF Digital’s Ripstation range has been optimized for the Digital Music Manager to load quality audio and metadata directly to the server. In addition to offering new dealers a variety of off-the-shelf solutions, MF Digital also offers upgrade options for dealers who already have Ripstation software and hardware.

About Vantage
Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage is a leading manufacturer of intelligent control systems for luxury residential applications. With over 20 years experience, Vantage excels at employing the latest technologies in its products to create fully integrated complete home automation solutions. For more information, visit the Vantage Web site at

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About Digital Fidelity
Digital Fidelity is a UK based IT manufacturing and software consultancy. Backed by substantial private investment and in partnership with leading hardware and software providers, Digital
Fidelity’s mission is to provide ‘simply sophisticated solutions’ to the international audio-visual industry for the storage, control and playback of digital content. Digital Fidelity do this by specializing in developing highly flexible integrated hardware/software packages, supplied under license, that are designed to take digital music into the living room; not as a dressed-up PC but as a true Consumer Electronics product.

About Terra-SAN
Terra-SAN is a privately held digital media management firm based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Founded by CEO Joel DeGray, Director of Operations Lori DeGray and CIO Keith DeGray, Terra-SAN is the only digital media management firm that utilizes a UNIX-based system to read, import, load and back up CDs and DVDs, putting them directly onto any digital media server.

The firm’s UNIX-based facility sets the benchmark for digital media services by being both platform and manufacturer independent, while at the same time being compatible with all manufacturers. Its custom-built interface is capable of utilizing all standard ID3 tagging sources. Find out more about Terra-SAN at

About MF Digital
MF Digital is a leading manufacturer of DVD / CD duplication, publishing and printing equipment for the professional audio and video, corporate, church ministry and government markets. Based in E. Farmingdale, NY, the company has been developing duplication solutions for over 30 years. Additional information about MF Digital and its products may be found at

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