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Usher Audio at CES 08


Experience the Multiple-Award-Winning Usher Audio Be-718
Stand-Mounted Monitors at CES’08!
Venetian Tower 29-323 • Bassano 2701 and 2710

Dallas, TX, December 26th, 2007 • Usher Audio Technology, manufacturers of high-value, high-performance speaker systems and electronics, wins accolades and awards for the Be-718 Monitor speakers featured at this year’s CES, hailed as the new bar-raising price/performance king of the class.

Bar-Raising Performance? Price/Performance Kings? Really?

Winner 2008 CES Design and Engineering Innovations Awards

“The Usher Be-718 is simply a great loudspeaker that delivers a level of performance far above what its size and price would suggest.”
— Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound
Winner 2007 Absolute Sound Product of the Year Awards

“The midrange and highs are ultra-clean … I’ve never heard a speaker this small go so deep. I’d swear the Be-718s were moderately sized floorstanders.”
— Doug Schneider,
Winner Reviewers’ Choice Award
Winner 2007 Best Product Debut Award

“If I were in the market for a stand mount these would be my first choice because, in this price class, I think a speaker that hits all its marks is difficult enough to find but one that is as engaging to listen to as the Usher Be-718 comes along only once in a blue moon.”
— John Potis,
Winner Blue Moon Award
Winner Product of the Year Award

Audition the beryllium-domed Be-718s at CES and find out why everyone’s talking about their Amazing Sound and Surprising Value!

MSRP: $2,795 without stands • Available in Piano Black with Pioneer Birch side panels • Available Soon: More colors and matching stands

The Be-718s (dubbed the Tiny Dancer–the smallest member of Usher’s highly acclaimed Dancer Series) offer lustrously finished cabinets perfectly at home in the most refined settings, and function just as well as the centerpiece of a first or second audio or multichannel home theater system. Home Theater magazine as a set of them now!

The Be-718 features Usher’s superbly extended Beryllium Oxide tweeter, matched with newly-designed woofers that keep up with the tweeter’s speed, clarity and extension. The Be-718s are the first product developed with our Global Design philosophy. The high technology drivers, crossovers, and perfectly timed-aligned cabinets are designed and built by Mr. Tsai Lien Shui at Usher Taiwan, with finishing cosmetics supplied by a firm in the United Kingdom. Dr. Joseph D’Appolito, Usher’s long-serving technical consultant, provides crossover tuning here in the ‘States. Next, Texas-based Danny Richie, chief designer at consulting firm GR Research, hotrods the standard Be-718 for the U.S. market. Danny reengineers the entire crossover, selects premium U.S. crossover parts, adjusts the speaker’s baffle step compensation and improves vertical off-axis dispersion. Finally, all internal wiring is replaced with premium wire from JPS Labs.

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Be-718 Features:
• Be Beryllium Tweeter
• JPS Labs Alumiloy internal wiring
• Front ports for easy placement
• Dancer-style best quality speaker terminals
• Cosmetics redesigned by Kam Young in the UK
• Retuned crossovers featuring all new/upgraded parts:
o Erse high-purity oxygen-free copper air-core inductors
o Mills resistors
o Sonicaps
o Erse Poly Caps
o Gen 2 Sonicaps

System Type: 2-Way
Tweeter: 1.25-inch Be Beryllium (9980-20BEA)
Midbass: 7-inch Paper Cone (8948A)
Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency response: (-3 dB) 42 Hz ~ 35 kHz
Power handling: 200 watts
Crossover: 2.06 kHz
Weight: 37.9 lbs each
Dimensions: (w x d x h) 10.2″ x 16.9″ x 15.2″
Shipping box: (w x d x h) 24″ x 19.1″ x 18.9″
Shipping weight: 82 lbs

Music Matters!
MusikMatters distributes and markets high end audio brands dedicated to superior products at reasonable prices. Founder/CEO Atul Kanagat explains “We at MusikMatters believe that the considerable achievements of the High End should be captured in new, affordable designs and marketed to a broader, music loving audience. We are dedicated to the goal of understanding the factors driving consumer behavior in today’s crowded marketplace and to craft offerings that help bring new customers to the industry.” Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MusikMatters works through and wholly supports traditional dealer distribution channels, adding value with optimal distribution of specific audio product lines, unsurpassed support, easy and reliable ordering, and joint marketing efforts. MusikMatters is the exclusive US distributor for Usher and now represents JPS Labs line of cables.

MusikMatters • 1303 Motor Street Dallas, Texas 75207 •
214.638.3500 phone • 214.704.6082 phone • 214.722.0325 fax 214.722.6082 cell

For Press Information, Photos or Reviews Contact Jonathan Scull • Scull Communications • 212.807.0519

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