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Tributaries Introduces Duo of Power Management Solutions


New models use improved MOV technology, providing greater security for valued components

Tributaries Cable, the Florida company that sets the standard for high-performance, high-value accessories and cables for custom home audio and home-theater installations, is pleased to announce a pair of new home theater AC power managers that offer improved technology and added flexibility, rounding out the Tributaries line of innovative power products.

The new T100 (MSRP $350) and T200 (MSRP $500) feature extensive capacity by providing a cumulative power availability of up to 1800 watts. The new models incorporate a new Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge suppression technology that provides faster response time and increased absorption (up to 60% more current during a spike) over traditional MOVs. Key among the advantages of the new MOV design, is its ceramic casing–providing far greater protection from failure and offering faster heat dissipation so the accumulated temperature remains low. Also, because the temperature stays low during a spike, the lifespan of the new type of MOV lasts 10 times longer than a standard MOV. Additional surge suppression is provided for telephone connections and RF signal paths specifically designed for cable, satellite or antenna devices.

The T100 and T200 provide separate AC line filtering, electrical isolation and power conditioning for analog, digital and high-current components.

To ensure state-of-the-art protection for connected components, the T100 & T200 are engineered to provide over-voltage and under-voltage protection. If the supplied voltage to the T100 or T200 falls below 90 volts or exceeds 135 volts the unit will shut down. When the voltage returns to 95/130 volts, the unit will automatically return to its normal status.

Blue front-panel LEDs display the on/off condition of each outlet, while a digital voltmeter shows the AC line voltage (the T200 also has a digital ammeter). The T100 and T200 will automatically detect a polarity fault in the AC wiring and alert the user via a front-panel LED.

For added convenience, always with the installer in mind, both models are supplied with additional unique features; a circuit breaker reset button on the front panel, USB charging outlets on the front and back panels and a USB gooseneck light that can be plugged in front or back for equipment illumination. To prevent misplacement, the gooseneck lamp is made with a magnet for easy storage when not in use. And finally, rack ears are included at no additional charge.

Dual-trigger input and single-trigger output 3.5mm jacks are provided for convenient connection and easy daisy-chaining of additional power managers or power strips.

To provide the assurance of safe operation and guaranteed quality, the T100 and T200 have been granted 5 UL certifications including the most difficult to achieve, “Certification for Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors”, UL Standard No. 1449. The T100 and T200 are both fully RoHS compliant and feature a 3 year parts & labor warranty in addition to a $25,000 warranty on connected equipment.

Both models are available now.

T100 (MSRP: $350) at a glance:

  • 9 Outlets:
    • 4 isolated Always-on Digital
    • 2 isolated Switched-on Analog
    • 2 isolated Delayed-on High Current
    • 1 Always-on Convenience outlet (front)
  • 1U rack mountable
  • 4320 Joule Rating
  • 2pr DSS/CATV protected lines
  • 2 sec delay power switch for turn-on/off
  • 12 volt DC trigger in and out
  • Dimmable LED front panel control
  • Front panel circuit breaker

T200 (MSRP: $500) at a glance:

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  • 13 Outlets:
    • 4 isolated Always-on Digital
    • 2 isolated Switched or Always-on Digital
    • 4 isolated Switched-on Analog
    • 2 Delayed-on High Current
    • 1 Always-on Convenience outlet (front)
  • 2U rack mountable
  • 5400 Joule Rating
  • 3pr DSS/CATV protected lines
  • 2-sec delay power switch for turn-on/off
  • 12 volt DC trigger in and out
  • Dimmable LED front panel control
  • Front panel circuit breaker

About Tributaries
Established in 1991 in Orlando, Florida, Tributaries is an acknowledged leader in the design, production, and distribution of high-quality audio and video interconnect cables, speaker wires, accessories, and electronics. The company prides itself on its customer service, and has won the CE industry magazine Inside Track Supplier Loyalty Awards a total of twelve times in the past thirteen years.

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