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Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter brings Audiophiles-Grade USB transport to


ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand Trends Audio ( launched the innovative USB transport – Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter. It includes unique balanced digital AES/EBU (110 ohm) output to connect to an existing Digital to Analog Converters(DAC). Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter’s sound quality is better than the most sophisticated high-end CD players and the retail price is only US$109.

Trends UD-10 USB audio converter plugs into the PC or Mac’s USB port and lets the users connect the computer to their Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system. As well as offering a 3.5 mm analogue output to connect directly to the amplifier or Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier. Trends UD-10 also offers a choice of optical, two electrical digital (phono and BNC) and a balanced digital output.

“Proprietary impedance matching circuits for AES/EBU (110ohm), Coaxial (75ohm) digital outputs applies the specially designed pulse transformers for each AES/EBU and Coaxial outputs to further isolated interference from Trends UD-10 to the external Digital to Analog Converters(DAC). The most pure, accurate, standard digital signal is then regenerated with minimum interference and jitter. It is a very dynamic way to convert your computer (Desktop, Laptop etc.) to a first class CD Transport.” Trends Audio’s chief designer Ricky Leung said, ” With proprietary dual power regulation circuits design (normal implementations are just directly apply the 5V USB bus power), no matter the power is supplied from the USB bus or from external socket, it is regulated before supply to the related ICs. The Dual regulated powers are supplied to digital circuits and analog circuits individually.”

Trends UD-10 makes the PC or Mac behave like a high-end CD Player. Trends UD-10 and PC or Mac combination provides better sound quality, larger storage capacity and a more user-friendly interface than most standard CD players. The computer hard disk is far superior to a CD transport, no matter the speed, stability, error correction or jitter reduction. Audiophiles can use Trends UD-10 USB audio converter to listen to their entire music collection from the PC or Mac, regardless of whether they were originally downloaded on their computer or purchased on CD. Also, it separated digital/analog ground. The digital GND (network) and the analog GND (solid) is totally separated except connected via a ferrite bread in a single point. It effectively reduce interference between digital signals and analog signals.

Trends UD-10 applied audiophile grade materials and electronic components, including the high-quality precise SMD resistors and capacitors. The case of the device is the stylish iron-gray whole aluminum one. Trends UD-10 USB Audio Converter is now available and the suggested retail price is only $109.

UD-10 USB Audio Converter.

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