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TORUS Power Introduces New Series of AC Power Conditioners

Peterborough, Ontario January, 2009 —Torus Power ( has announced the introduction of the AVR Series of power conditioning products, which compliments the existing line of Torus Power products. The AVR line (Automatic Voltage Regulation) provides all the advantages of the original Torus Power designs, such as ultra-clean AC power, complete isolation from the outside power grid and series-mode surge suppression, plus the added benefit of stabilized voltage to connected equipment. Torus Power AVR series for the North American market includes six models:

·RM10 AVR — 10 Amp (2 rack height)

·RM15 AVR — 15Amp (3 rack height)

·RM20 AVR — 20 Amp (required dedicated 20A outlet) (3 rack height)

·RM20 BAL AVR — 20Amp (requires dedicated 240V balanced input and 20A) (3 rack height)

·RM45 BAL AVR (4 rack height)

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·RM60 BAL AVR (4 rack height)

The AVR series has been engineered to maintain optimal voltage (115 to 125 volts at 60Hz) and current to connected audio/video equipment, enabling devices to perform at their best. With stabilized voltages, power amplifiers can provide their full rated power regardless of variations in input voltage. Should a fault condition occur (anything lower than 85 or higher than 135 volts), the Torus AVR units can be user-programmed to automatically turn off, protecting all associated electronics. “By adding the AVR series to the existing Torus lineup, we now have compelling products that provide power isolation, automatic voltage regulation, and automatic voltage protection all within a single component,” explained sales VP James Tanner.

Torus AVR units also feature a dimmable front panel display indicating input voltage, output voltage, and output current. A 12-volt trigger input allows the unit to be switched on for system automation, and a 12-volt trigger output is available to switch on an external device in case of a fault condition. AVR models also include an Ethernet interface with built-in web browser, allowing homeowners to view voltage and current readings or turn ON/OFF their Torus Power unit from any Internet-connected computer.

Function Summary

·Measure and display input voltage

·Measure and display output voltage

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·Measure and display output current

·Monitor under (85V) and over (135V) input voltage conditions; user to select whether to remove power or continue to operate; user to select whether to restore power when the voltage is back in range; display condition

·Adjust output voltage by switching transformer taps using the timing sequence specified

·Monitor a 12V trigger input to power on/off (back panel mounted)

·Monitor the 17 onboard relays for correct switching operation and if a fault is detected, display the fault condition

·Ethernet interface with built in WEB browser. Allow any computer to view the voltage and current readings and turn on or off the PIU

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·12V output trigger to switch on external device in case of fault condition (i.e UPS)

·Optional control system interface

The RM 15 AVR and RM 20 AVR will be on display at CES 2009 (Venetian Bassano Ballroom 2601). The Torus Power AVR Series is expected to ship to authorized dealers February, 2009. MSRP pricing is TBA. Worldwide distribution for Torus Power products is handled by audio electronics manufacturer, Bryston, LTD.

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About Torus: The design objective behind the Torus power isolation units (PIU’s) was to provide a no-compromise AC power conditioning solution to improve audio/video equipment performance based on true isolation, as well as equipment protection based on non-MOV (metal oxide varistors) surge suppression technology. Many products in the PIU category are simple filters and do not provide isolation between the outside power grid and the inside power source. The Torus PIU’s deliver true isolation along with low source impedance and ample instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audiophile amplifiers, home theater systems, and video playback equipment.

Media Contact:

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Micah Sheveloff for WIRC Media /203-795-3141

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