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Florida International Audio Expo 2023: TAD CE1TX Loudspeaker

Discover why TAD’s $35,000 (with stands) TAD-CE1TX stand-mounted loudspeakers are so expensive.

TAD CE1TX Stand-mount Loudspeaker Pair

The Florida International Audio Expo is underway and there have been a number of interesting new product introductions including new electronics and loudspeakers from Focal/Naim and Orchard Audio. In addition, Japan-based TAD (Technical Audio Devices) has also made its way to the Florida Show with the North American debut of its New Evolution Series TAD-CE1TX Standmount Speaker


TAD CE1TX Loudspeakers Lifestyle

TAD has preserved key elements of its previous Compact Evolution CE1 speaker while making upgrades to the woofer and midrange units and other subtle refinements that contribute to improved performance. 

Key Features

CST (Coherent Source Transducer) Driver: This controls the directivity of the midrange and tweeter, delivering ultra-wide-range reproduction from 250Hz up to 100kHz with transparent and solid imaging. 

CE1TX Tweeter: Borrowing from TAD’s Reference TX Series, the tweeter used in the CE1TX incorporates a light, rigid beryllium diaphragm manufactured with TAD’s proprietary vapor deposition technique. TAD’s computer-analyzed optimization technique Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method (HSDOM) was applied in designing the form of the diaphragm. 

As a result, TAD claims that the tweeter provides precise control of its divided vibrations and piston motions, supporting ultra-wide-range reproduction of up to 100 kHz. 

TAD CE1TX mid-to-high driver

Midrange: The midrange features a newly developed magnesium diaphragm that results in high internal loss, meaning clear, distortion-free midrange reproduction.

TAD CE1TX mid-to-low Driver

TMACS II Woofer Diaphragm: This Second Generation Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell is made from five layers of woven and non-woven aramid fabric. TAD claims that this results in a diaphragm that supports richer, clearer bass as well as coloration-free sound in the mid-to-low frequency range.

TAD CE1TX Loudspeaker Enclosure

Bidirectional Aerodynamic Slot (ADS) Port: CE1TX uses slit-shaped ports (ducts) in both side panels with flared openings to the front and rear to allow air to flow smoothly through them. This layout eliminates unwanted port noise to deliver rich and natural bass that can fill even the largest of rooms. 

SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology): The CE1TX enclosure combines strength and optimized vibration dampening. The enclosure has also been updated with a mirrored finish to accentuate the wood’s natural grain.

TAD Logo


  • Model: TAD-CE1TX-WN
  • Speaker Type: 3-way, bass-reflex bookshelf/stand-mounted speaker system
  • Woofer: 18cm (7 1/16 in.) cone
  • Midrange/Tweeter Coaxial:
    • 14 cm (5 1/2 in.) magnesium cone
    • 3.5 cm (1 3/8 in.) beryllium dome
  • Frequency Response: 34Hz to 100kHz
  • Crossover Frequencies: 250 Hz and 1.8 kHz
  • Maximum input (power handling): 200W
  • Sensitivity: 85dB (2.83V, 1m)
  • Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
  • Weight: 29kg (63.9 lb) per unit 
  • Dimensions (WHD): 287 × 510 × 447 mm  (11 5/16 x 20 1/16 x 17 5/8 inches)
TAD CE1TX Stand-mount Loudspeaker Pair Closeup

Included Accessories

  • Woofer grilles
  • Short cables (2)
  • Non-slip pads (4)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Owner’s manual

TAD-ST2TX-K Optional Stands

  • Weight (per unit): 18.5 kg (40.8 lb)
  • Dimensions (WHD per unit with no spikes attached):
    • 399 x 591  x 485 mm
    • (15 11/16 x 23 1/4 x 19 15/16 inches) 
  • Only sold in pairs

Included Stand Accessories (per pair)

  • Cone-shaped spikes (6)
  • Auxiliary feet (4)
  • Spike Holders (6)
  • Cork Sheets (6)
  • Assembly Screws (16)
  • Screws for securing the bottom of the speaker to the strut  (4)
  • Owner’s Manual 
TAD CE1TX Loudspeaker Pair Front

Pricing & Availability

  • The TAD-ST2TX Stands (Pr): $2,500. 

Pre-ordering is available through PAD (Pro Audio Design) HiFi and select specialty retailers

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  1. Dan

    February 20, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    I red the post and couldn’t discover why this loudspeaker is so expensive. In which part of this post are you explaining it??

    • Ian White

      February 20, 2023 at 7:47 pm


      1. R&D costs
      2. Driver costs
      3. Cabinet
      4. Crossover

      Loudspeakers have a huge markup at this level — 50% of the retail price is what TAD charges the dealer for the pair. Assuming there isn’t a distributor and they sell it to dealers directly.

      Some manufacturers charge at least 5-7 times their costs to manufacture before the dealer price is figured into the final amount.


      Ian White

  2. GM

    March 27, 2023 at 9:30 pm

    Far beyond my means, but I’ve long been intrigued by this model, ever moreso this new improved version.

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