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Spymac Announces Moves It! – Switch from Windows to Mac


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The Ultimate Resource for Moving to Macintosh

August 18, 2006, NY, NY — Spymac, the largest Macintosh community and top Macintosh site for sharing photos, movies and music online, announced today “Move It,” the ultimate resource for consumers interested in switching from Windows to Macintosh. The new Spymac online service at, lets users ask, learn, blog and connect with other Spymac users to help them through the whole Mac switching process. Built on a solid Unix foundation, the Mac operating system is more stable and secure than Windows, which is plagued by viruses, spyware, system crashes, and security flaws. The Macintosh is also well-known for its innovative design and ease-of-use, and it is the preferred platform for artists, graphical designers, photographers, and musicians. With a new chain of retail stores where consumers can buy the hot-selling trendy iPod and a new line of Mac computers with Intel processors for both Windows and Mac applications, Apple’s new Macs are catching the attention of more and more Windows users, who want to know about making the switch. Now’s the time to switch to a Mac, and Spymac will help! Spymac’s Move It service makes moving to a Mac easy, with forums for asking questions, educational wikis, and blogs with experiences and knowledge from other switchers. If you’re a new Mac user or are thinking about making the switch, Spymac is the place for you. Ask a question
Wondering how to move your email from your PC to your new Mac? Need help figuring out what software you need? Spymac is home to a large, active community that’s always willing to help new switchers. After submitting your question, your plea for help will be shown to over a million members spread throughout more than 150 countries. The answer is out there, and Spymac will help you find it! To view all questions from switchers, visit the Spymac Forums at
Learn Through a “Switch Wiki”
A wiki is a site that allows anyone to quickly and easily add, remove, and edit content. Spymac maintains a Switch Wiki, powered by its community and guests to the site. Registration is not required, so experienced switchers can help others out by privately contributing their knowledge.
The magic of the Internet is its power to bring people together, regardless of what country they are in or the type of computer they use. Consumers can utilize Spymac’s large community by finding other switchers to get in contact with or by meeting seasoned Mac users that can give the inside scoop on what it really is like being a Mac user. Members can be searched by age, computer platform, and even their personal preferences at .

The “Move It” service is free as part of basic Spymac membership. Additional features are also available for Spymac Club members for $25/year, including the web’s easiest-to-use blogs, a powerful homepage with extra storage, personal forums and Spymac’s new suite of Internet applications that seamlessly integrate into your desktop. For more info on Spymac and Spymac Club, go to the website: The Spymac marketplace is supported by the world’s largest Mac site with 1 million members.
About Spymac Spymac provides everything you need to play, work and live online. It lets you socialize, build relationships and have fun sharing and exploring files, bookmarks, multimedia, schedules and other content with your friends and family. Spymac Network Inc. is a New York City corporation with offices in Dusseldorf, Germany and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Originally launched as a Macintosh enthusiast site, Spymac has now grown to the largest international Macintosh community with nearly one million registered users. Spymac boasts innovative Mac and Windows multimedia galleries, the first fully Mac-compatible drag-n-drop homepages, an iPod marketplace, member communities and much more.

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