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Slow Computer Defragment

In a perfect world our computers would be able to maintain clean hard drives through self cleaning and eradicate any problems without our intervention. As we are all aware this is not a perfect world and thus we must be proactive when it comes to maintaining the welfare of our computers.

While this may seem like a task better suited for IT experts and computer outlets specializing in diagnosing and fixing hard drive problems the truth is, if we are serious about keeping our computers free of diseases and that could affect its speed then we can do something about it.

Most businesses rely on contractors to keeping their computers running and for this they pay a hefty price. Many fear that if they were to take the matter into their own hands they could cause even more problems and endanger and possibly risk losing valuable data on their hard drive.

There are certainly times when a business should allow the experts to handle work their magic. Instances when there is a loss of data or a hard drive infected by a virus will typically require the knowledge of an expert to fix but when it comes to preventative measures there are several options that a business can utilize to keep their computers healthy.

One such option is defragmentation software. Defrag, as it is commonly referred, works to ensure your computer runs at its optimal speed by eliminating fragmented files from your hard drive that slow down your computer’s response time.

Chances are if your computer is taking a long time to boot up or you experience a delay while loading applications your hard drive is likely loaded with fragmented files. While the first thought of hearing your computer has fragmented files may sound catastrophic the truth is there is an easy solution to the common problem.

Every time we make changes to a file, whether its modifying, deleting or creating new files, our hard drive is susceptible to creating a fragmented file. All computers store information in a space inside a block. When these blocks become full our computer must search for new space inside another block to store data. The problem arises when we try adding data to an existing file and when we go to save that information it no longer fits in the space it once occupied. In order to save the changes made to that file our computer is forced to cut it up and place it is available space, thus creating a fragmented file.

When we experience delays with our computer, whether its web browsing or file retrieval chances are it’s a result of fragmentation. By installing defrag software on our computer we provide a means by which our files will stay united regardless of modifications. Defrag will create larger blocks on the hard drive in which files can be saved and allow for modifications on existing files without the danger of having those files become fragmented.

One of the most significant features of our computers, whether for work or personal use, is the convenience they offer. The speed by which we get our information provides us with the opportunity to accomplish countless tasks in a day and thus become more productive. The ease with which we place orders or research information is contingent on how fast our computer can handle our requests. By installing defrag software we can not only keep our computer healthy but also eliminate the waiting time that is a direct result of fragmentation.

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