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Sharpcast Photos 1.0 Released


A breakthrough one-stop solution for sharing, backing up, accessing and syncing photos between PCs, the web and mobile phones. Sharpcast Photos 1.0 is a photo service and software combination that offers a completely new way to connect with people through photos.

Sharpcast today released the first official version of Sharpcast Photos, its widely popular software-service combination that keeps photo collections automatically backed up and in sync across multiple PCs, the web and mobile phones; and introduces a completely new way to share and chat about photos without even using a web browser. Already recognized throughout the industry as a category leader, Sharpcast Photos is a category-defining all-in-one solution for effortlessly sharing, syncing and accessing original full-resolution photo collections from anywhere absolutely free, and to back up entire photo collections automatically for just pennies a day.

Sharpcast Photos 1.0, available at, eliminates the usual hassles encountered with traditional photo sharing and backup sites. It replaces the cumbersome tasks of uploading and downloading photos through a web browser, manually backing up photos to a storage device and managing fragmented photo collections across various devices and the web with a simple, elegant desktop software application that connects seamlessly to the web in the background and takes care of all these tasks by itself.

The Sharpcast Photos desktop software creates a secure and private “mirror image” of the desktop application on the web, so people can view, share and manage their collection from anywhere. Sharpcast software installed on multiple PCs also stay in sync automatically, so people can have their exact same photo collections on both their home and work PCs.

“Sharpcast Photos puts consumers back in the driver’s seat,” said Gibu Thomas, chief executive officer of Sharpcast. “Unlike traditional online photo services, which limit access to shared photos in their original resolution, delete photos if you don’t buy prints or downsize your images without being upfront about it, Sharpcast offers a welcome reprieve with a free, one-stop solution that sets a new bar with a delightful user experience. We are proud to offer the deliciously simple experience of Sharpcast Photos 1.0 as the best free photo service value in the market.”

With Sharpcast Photos, changes made anywhere are automatically synced everywhere else, thus eliminating the repetitive tasks of managing a typical photo collection scattered across various PCs and online services. For example, photos added using a web browser while away from home will be waiting on a person’s home PC when they return. Changes made on a home PC automatically appear on a work PC and vice-versa. Even pictures taken on a Windows Mobile phone will sync automatically to all of a person’s PC and the web, and an entire PC phone collection can be viewed and shared right from the phone.

Innovative new features like effortless group albums and built-in live group chat right alongside photos make Sharpcast Photos the most fun and interactive way to share entire albums of original images . Group albums is the easiest way ever to get everyone’s photos from a particular event or trip all in one place, without dealing with slow web uploads or messy email attachments. A group album can be shared with as many people as the sharer likes, and everyone who receives the album can add their photos to the album. Everyone’s additions will be seen by everyone else through any web browser, or even more conveniently, synced directly to everyone’s PCs through the free Sharpcast desktop software. Additionally, each person can add comments to the photos which are seen by others in real time, like having a chat room for every photo.

Thomas continued, “Sharpcast Photos is filled with so many delightful sharing features that help recreate the experience of sitting around a coffee table passing prints around — in the digital realm. The idea is to make it easier than ever for people to connect with one another through their photos.”

Value Pricing
The company introduced aggressive pricing plans today which deliver most of the value of the Sharpcast offering for free. A free unlimited plan allows people to have their entire collection organized online and in sync across multiple PCs, the web and optionally their mobile phone, without even entering a credit card number.

With the Sharpcast Photos Free plan, photos added to Sharpcast are stored at full resolution for 30 days after each import, to facilitate easy sharing of originals, saving to or printing from one’s home PC or ordering prints and gifts online from the original image. Unlike traditional online photo sites that restrict people’s ability to share original photographs in order to force consumers to buy prints through their service, Sharpcast’s offer of free, unlimited sharing and syncing of original photographs is a huge step toward putting control of a consumer’s precious memories where it belongs — with the consumer.

After 30 days, even for free users, all of their photos will continue to be available online and synced across various PCs resized to a 1600 x 1200 resolution, which is still a good size for making quality prints and gifts through Sharpcast’s built-in printing service.

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For only $5.99 per month or $64.99 per year, the Sharpcast Photos Premium plan provides all the benefits of the free plan plus unlimited, continuous full-resolution backup of original images. Unlike traditional photo sites which often compress or alter a customer’s original images, Sharpcast never modifies a customer’s original photograph.

There are no hidden recovery fees, and Sharpcast backs up not just the customer’s photos but also all the edits made to the photos, the way the albums are organized, and even the albums and comments shared by others. Recovering or migrating a collection to a new computer is as simple as logging into the Sharpcast software on the computer, and the collection automatically appears exactly as it was left. This simple recovery process can save consumers countless hours of frustration from the prospect of recovering and reorganizing image files from a CD or external hard drive.

New features of Sharpcast Photos 1.0

  • Group Albums
    The easiest way to get everyone’s original pictures from an event or a trip, all in one place, synced to everyone’s desktop – no web browser required
  • Photo Chat
    Have a live chat with several friends at once, right alongside photos. Like having a chat room for every photo.
  • Prints and Gifts
    Customers can easily turn images into beautiful prints and gifts to be mailed right to your home.
  • Photo Widget
    Turn any album into a slideshow widget for a website or blog. The widget stays in sync with the album, so photos added to the album using the Sharpcast desktop software or web albums will update to the widget automatically. Group Album widgets allow many people to contribute to the same widget right from their own desktops.
  • Import Directly from a Digital Camera
    The fastest way to get your pictures from a camera to the web — sync images directly from a digital camera right into the Sharpcast Photos software — web sync begins instantly and happens in the background.
  • Multiple Email Addresses
    Add secondary email addresses to an account so photos shared with those addresses appear in the same place.
  • Running in Minimized Mode
    Sharpcast Photos can run in minimized mode in the background, so photos continue to sync to and from the web and your mobile phone even with the application window closed. Useful for receiving notifications about new photos and comments without having the application window open.

More details on the new features of Sharpcast Photos 1.0 are available at

The Sharpcast Difference
Among the many things that separate Sharpcast Photos from the competition are:

  • Free Unlimited Sharing of Originals
    No other service makes it so easy to share full-resolution original images. Most services compress shared images upon upload or charge fees for downloading originals.
  • Real-Time “Push” Synchronization
    All your PCs and the web stay automatically in sync, so your collection is always up to date, wherever you want it — even on your phone. No other service makes it so easy to get photos online.
  • Interactive, Effortless Sharing
    Group Albums and Photo Chat make Sharpcast sharing unlike any other. It’s the easiest way to get all your friend’s photos from an event all in one album, and to have a live chat while you’re at it!
  • A Seamless Mobile Experience
    No other service lets you easily view and share photos from your entire PC photo collection right on your phone. And your phone pictures sync to the web and your PC without even touching a button.
  • Zero-Effort Backup
    No other photo service automatically backs up your photos and the data that keeps them organized, your edits, and photos and comments shared by others. You never worry about it, it just happens.
  • Easy Recovery and Migration
    Many services have hidden recovery fees. With Sharpcast, recover or migrate your entire collection exactly as you left it, without any hidden charges – by simply logging into Sharpcast on your new PC.

About Sharpcast
An innovator in digital media and information synchronization, Sharpcast has developed a category-defining hybrid software-services platform that delivers the absolute simplest way for people to back up, share, sync and access their digital content from anywhere regardless of what device they are on and whether they are online or off. A team of wireless and mobile industry veterans with a proven track record for building large-scale wireless data systems and successful software businesses founded Sharpcast in 2004 with a mission to make digital life simple. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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