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Sharp to Introduce the Internet Aquos PC TV


Sharp to Introduce the “Internet AQUOS” PC+TV Ensemble Lets Users View Internet and Broadband TV Broadcasts on the AQUOS LCD TV

Sharp will introduce into the Japanese market the “Internet AQUOS” which will enable users to view high-quality digital high-definition TV broadcasts as well as enjoy Internet and broadband broadcasts simply and easily using only the remote controller for navigation. The new Internet AQUOS lineup includes four models based on combinations of a 37V-inch (LD-37SP1) or 32V-inch*1 (LD-32SP1) TV section with a high-definition video recording (PC-AX100M) or terrestrial analog recording (PC-AX50M) personal computer.

For the first time, Sharp has fused PC functions with its AQUOS LCD TVs, expanding TV applications into new territory. Users can not only view HDTV broadcasts with superb image quality, but also use the remote control unit to quickly display websites*2 associated with TV programs while they are being viewed and enable on-line purchases of products related to the show at that moment.

Users can also record entire HDTV broadcasts*3, as well as store photo image data taken with digital cameras and music downloaded from the Internet on the approximately 500GB hard drive built into the PC and take advantage of the outstanding picture and sound quality of the AQUOS to enjoy them at any time.

The Internet AQUOS is a product that pursues to the utmost the high image quality, Internet integration, and ease of operation that will be demanded of living room TVs in the future, and is being offered as a product destined to be the vanguard of the new era of digital audio and video.

Major Features

  1. Users can navigate Internet and broadband TV broadcasts using the remote control unit and enjoy viewing them with the superb picture quality offered by the AQUOS
  2. Black Advanced Super View LCD panel delivers astonishingly high image quality for both TV and PC images thanks to its high 1200:1 contrast, wide 176° viewing angle, 6-msec response rate, and high-brightness Four-Wavelength Backlight system
  3. Approx. 500GB hard drive*3 lets users store recordings of HDTV broadcasts as well as large volumes of digital still image and music data
  4. Separate TV and PC units are designed to save space in the living room, as well as offer advanced environmental performance, such as low power consumption

*1 “V-inch” is a measure of the true size of the flat TV screen, standardizing on the length of the diagonal dimension of the actual viewing area.
*2 Uses the Net services of ONTV Corporation. Supports terrestrial analog and BS/CS110° digital broadcasts. Depending on the program being broadcast, there may be instances in which related sites cannot be accessed. In addition, there may be instances in which sites unrelated to the program being viewed are displayed. Can be used while viewing TV on the LCD TV section.
*3 For the PC-AX100M. Recording digital broadcasts is possible only with the PC-AX100M. The PCAX50M has a built-in approx. 250GB hard drive, and only supports recording of terrestrial analog broadcasts. Digital broadcasts received directly by the TV section cannot be recorded.

Suggested retail price: Open
Date of introduction in Japan: Late May 2006

The following information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subjected to change.

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