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Sharp Develops Highest Contrast In-Vehicle LCD


Sharp Corporation has successfully developed an LCD for in-vehicle applications that achieves a contrast ratio of 1500:1, the industry’s highest.*1

Compared to LCDs for consumer products such as personal computers and TVs, in-vehicle LCDs used in car navigation systems and as monitors for rear-seat entertainment systems must be more highly resistant to vibration and must function reliably over a broad range of temperatures. Recently, the widening selection of maps and the proliferation of video titles on DVD are driving a shift to even larger screen sizes and higher resolutions. Moreover, it is expected that in-vehicle LCDs will be further developed for use in instrument panels to display important information needed for driving a car.

The re-engineering of various display components, in particular, the color filter, and the revamping of the LCD panel’s pixel design made it possible to achieve a display that delivers unprecedented deep, rich blacks and has a contrast ratio of 1500:1–the industry’s highest and triple that of previous models*2–while maintaining the high durability and reliability demanded of an in-vehicle display.

This new LCD can, for example, be adopted for use in instrument panels to make them easier to read. It provides outstanding design options, evoking a strong unified appearance when coupled unobtrusively with the typical flat black color of instrument panels. When the vehicle is being driven, this new LCD can display, among other things, the speedometer reading. When it is being parked, that same LCD can provide the driver with a map or a video camera image of the area behind the vehicle. A wide variety of displays previously impossible using mechanical meters are now possible–all contributing to the safety and comfort of drivers.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of LCDs, Sharp has consistently developed in-vehicle displays that give rise to new applications, including the Dual Directional Viewing LCD (formerly called the two-way viewing-angle LCD) and the Triple Directional Viewing LCD. Sharp will continue to develop highly reliable, advanced displays by integrating technologies nurtured over long years of experience in developing a wide range of LCD application products and will lead the growing market for in-vehicle LCDs.


Screen size 8-inch
Pixel count 800 x RGB x 480
Contrast 1500:1
Viewing angle Vertical: 176°, horizontal: 176°
Luminance 400 cd/m2
Operating temperature range -30C° to 85°C

*1 As of October 12, 2006 for in-vehicle LCDs.
*2 Compared to Sharp’s previous LCDs intended for in-vehicle use (500:1 contrast ratio).

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