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Samsung Rolls Out 2022 Soundbars and Sound Towers

Samsung’s 2022 soundbars are designed to integrate flawlessly with Samsung TVs. We have the scoop on general features, availability, and pricing for both Samsung soundbars and sound towers.

2022 Samsung HW-Q910B Soundbar System

Samsung sells more TVs than anyone else, but their soundbars bars are not only well-received but are designed to complement their TVs with practical features.

Tech Highlights

Samsung has refined several key soundbar features for 2022 that are worth noting. Feature availability depends on the specific soundbar model series. Samsung has announced over a dozen soundbars, so we will only touch on some of the highlights that may be available on some models. Links are provided that will direct you to more information on each specific model. 

Dolby Atmos 

For Samsung’s Dolby Atmos equipped soundbars the following features may be included:

  • Dolby Atmos Music: This is a variation of what Dolby Atmos does for movies. Dolby Atmos Music brings an immersive music experience that adds more space, clarity, and depth to music listening – it feels like you’re inside the song.  Dolby Atmos music selections are available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, and TIDAL streaming services. 
  • Dual Atmos: This feature allows Dolby Atmos audio to be played from a Samsung TV and soundbar simultaneously. This takes the Q-Symphony concept up a notch.
  • Wireless Dolby Atmos: On Samsung’s Q700B series soundbars and up, this allows the soundbar to receive Atmos sound over Wi-Fi from select Samsung TVs. Wireless Atmos support will also be coming to Samsung’s new S60B soundbar model.


The 2022 version of Q Symphony supports up to 22 channels of audio (depending on soundbar and TV models) by syncing the audio of a Q-series or S-Series soundbar with the speakers of select Samsung TVs.

The Q Symphony for 2022 utilizes all the speakers in a Samsung TV and soundbar rather than just a subset in previous versions. It will also enable automatically rather than needing to be enabled manually. It will also optimize sound quality based on the specific equipment you’re using. This version of Q-Symphony will be included with Q600B and higher model soundbars.

SpaceFit Sound Calibration

Samsung’s SpaceFit sound calibration feature has also been upgraded for 2022. While earlier Samsung soundbars could only run SpaceFit sound calibration in conjunction with select Samsung TVs, for 2022 SpaceFit is “embedded” in Samsung’s microphone-equipped Q-series soundbar models. This means you can calibrate the sound when used with any TV brand. SpaceFit will also update its calibrations automatically on a daily basis or when you move it to a different location.

2022 Samsung Soundbars

Here is an overview of each Samsung 2022 soundbar model series. Below each over, the model number is listed and highlighted. You can click on the highlighted model and view that model’s official Samsung product page with complete feature/specification details. All Samsung 2022 soundbars are shipping through Summer 2022, depending on the specific model.

Tip: Quoted prices are a reference. Promotional and retailer pricing may vary.

Samsung Q-Series

Samsung HW-S990B Soundbar 2022
Samsung HW-S990B

Resting at the top of Samsung’s soundbar line-up for 2022 is the HW-Q990B. This soundbar features an 11.1.4 channel configuration, as well as an improved wireless subwoofer, and both side and upfiring speakers for an immersive sound listening experience. Wireless surround speakers are also included.

If you don’t need all the 990B offers or have the budget for it, the HW-Q910B is just a step down with a 9.1.2 channel configuration. Just below that, the HW-Q800B includes side-firing speakers with a total configuration of 5.1.2 channels. 

With the HW-Q700B series model, you still get a 3.1.2-channel configuration for Dolby Atmos which includes three front channels in combination with two-upfiring speakers and a wireless subwoofer. 

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Samsung S-Series

2022 Samsung HW-S800B Soundbar
Samsung HW-S800B

Moving down to the 2022 S-Series, there are Ultra-Slim models with a 1.6-inch thick design. Despite slim profiles, these soundbars pack in Dolby Atmos decoding and DTS Virtual:X processing. A 6.5-inch cube wireless subwoofer with a passive radiator is also included in the package. 

Samsung B-Series 

2022 Samsung HW-B450 Soundbar
Samsung HW-B450

The 2022 B-Series is Samsung’s basic soundbar line. Not a lot of frills, but still provides an improvement over a TV’s built-in speaker system. The models in this series include the HW-B450, HW-B550, and HW-B650.  

The HW-B450 is the most basic model that includes the soundbar and a wireless subwoofer with support for Dolby and DTS two-channel audio, as well as both Voice Enhance and Bass Boost. 

If you want something a little extra, the HW-B550 offers the same core features with the addition of DTS Virtual:X processing for a more immersive listening experience. 

The HW-B650 takes it up another notch with a 3.1 channel configuration that includes a dedicated center channel, DTS Virtual:X processing, and Dolby Digital 5.1 channel decoding, which can be fully realized with the addition of optional wireless surround speakers. 

Optional Wireless Surround Speakers

2022 Samsung SWA-9100S Wireless Surround Speakers
Samsung SWA-9100S

For soundbars that accept optional wireless surround speakers, Samsung provides the SWA-9100S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit ($149.99 at

Samsung Sound Towers

In addition to soundbars, Samsung also unveiled their 2022 Sound Tower speaker line.

2022 Samsung ST50B Sound Tower
Samsung ST50B

The Samsung Sound Towers are not soundbars but party speakers that include features that will up the fun for any party or social setting. The core features of these speakers include:

  • Bi-directional Sound: Sound emanates from both sides of the tower, providing room-filling sound. 
  • Built-in Woofer: This provides Enhanced bass.
  • LED Party Lights+: In addition to sound, built-in lights add to the atmosphere by flowing with the rhythm of the music. The 2022 models have twice as many lights as the 2021 models.
  • Karaoke Mode: This feature expands entertainment options further. Dual Microphone inputs are provided. 
  • Sound Tower App: Download the app to adjust the built-in LED lighting, sound effects, and EQ settings. Available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Group Play: You can wirelessly connect up to 10 Samsung Sound Towers to provide an immersive sound experience for large rooms and gatherings.  
  • Outdoor Use: IPX5 rated for weather-resistant durability against water and dust.
  • Rechargeable Battery: 12 to 18 hours of use depending on the model.

There are three Sound Tower models:

  • MX-ST90B (Details Forthcoming)

Tip: All Samsung 2022 soundbars and sound towers are either available now or are expected to start shipping through the Summer of 2022. 

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