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RADIO 2005 – Paris


LE RADIO! 2005

Le RADIO!, the annual event for independent decision-makers of the airwaves that has become THE No.1 European gathering for all those working in radio, will be held as a part of SIEL 2005 from 6th — 9th February at Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles. For its 3rd show, Le Radio! will be offering a variety of conferences and special events focusing in particular on the topics of Europe, nomadic digital technology, and webcasting.

Le Radio! 2005: the events

Sunday 6 February, La Scala will play host to the official opening evening of Le Radio!, bringing together all the radio stations, exhibitors and show visitors. During the evening, the “Etoiles du Radio” (formerly known as the “Voiles d’Or”) will be awarded. Eight artists will be on hand to present the evening, broadcast live on Radio Neo (95.2 FM).

Monday 7 February at 12 noon, Dominique Baudis, president of the CSA, and Marie-Laure Denis, member of the CSA will officially inaugurate this 3rd Le Radio!. After visiting the show and meeting the exhibitors, Dominique Baudis will give a keynote speech.

Monday 7 February as well, Europe will be honoured at a morning seminar called ‘Europ’Matinee’, during which representatives of the EBU, European Parliament, and IREN (International Radio Research Network) will take it in turns to offer a portrait of radio in Europe. ‘Europ’Matinee’ will gather together the players of different countries and encourage meetings and exchanges between them.

Tuesday 8 February, Le Radio! is organising the “Nomadic Digital Radio Day”, an opportunity to take stock of the existing technologies and digital receivers, and to anticipate the innovations and products that will come to light over the next few years.

Throughout the period of the show, the Le Radio! radio station, equipped by Eurocom Broadcast, will be run by students from the journalism school ESJ. This temporary radio station will be broadcast live in DRM by TDF and in DAB by VDL, to demonstrate the technological capacities of these two complementary digital technologies. Two reporters will be winding their way along the aisles of Le Radio! and SIEL with their Portable Digital Recorders to conduct a vox pop (using a NAGRA ARES BB recorder) and offer live broadcasts (using a codec AETA Audio Scoopy GSM).

New for 2005, Le Radio! creates “La Fete de la Radio”. Linked to Le Radio!, the Fete de la Radio is a radio consumer communication tool intended to promote the medium. The celebration permits the mobilisation of radio stations of all categories and different formats and colours, to defend the cause of the only “accompanying medium” and generate an emulation in response to other media (Special broadcasts, concerts, LIP – Local Interest Programmes, etc.)

Le Radio! 2005: The Conferences

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Numerous representatives from the world of radio will be present at the show to run the conferences, in particular: Eric Baptiste (General Secretary, CISAC), Jacques Blache (Delegated Chairman, Musique France Plus), Sylvie Castel (Direction de la Musique), Frederique Chatelin (Head of local media studies Carat expert), Patrick Chene (President and managing director,
Sport FM), Jean-Paul Cluzel (President of Radio France), Dan D’Aversa (Business Development RTL Group Luxembourg), Arnaud de Saint-Roman (Head of the radio Mediametrie department), Alain Delorme (Head of the TDF radio division), Nagui Fam (Air Productions, Loisirs AM), Philippe Gault (President of SIRTI), Sylvain Gire (ARTE), Francois Guilbeau (General Manager, RFO), Jean-Michel Grapin (Chief Executive, Yacast), Ghislain Hue (TF1), Corinne In Albon (operational marketing manager of the advertising investments division, TNS Media), Jean-Michel Kerdraon (Information manager, RTL France), Jean-Claude Kuentz (General Manager, RFI), Franck Lanoux (Programme manager, RMC), Danielle Lecanu (IP Region), Arnaud Meneux (Marketing Manager, IP), Andre Nicolas (National Music Observatory), Marc Pallain (Vice president of the Board, NRJ), Christophe Sabot (General Manager RFM/Europe 2), Anne Margrete Wachtmeister (Head of the audiovisual unit of the European Parliament), Ali Mouhoub (Head of the Music Department, Yacast), Alain Weill (Board President, Nextradio).

This is only a partial list, you can find the names of the Le Radio! lecturers posted on the websites: and

Sunday 6 February


2.00 pm — 3.00 pm: Panorama of French Web Radio Stations
Presentation of the leading French Web radio stations. Listen to audio clips of programmes from these Web radio stations, and talks by the French radio station managers.

3.00 pm — 4.30 pm: Web radio stations, new players in the radio landscape
The economic models. The audience proportion. The place of Web radio stations in the radio landscape. The future of Web radio stations.

17h — 18h
5.00 pm — 6.00 pm: Presentation of the G2RF
G2RF, the new trade organisation, will present itself and give an update on their initiatives as well as on article 13 of the convention of Category A and B concerning advertising messages and calculating the 20% limit of their resources.

Monday 7 February


10.15 am — 12 noon: EBU, European Parliament: roles and missions
Follow up to the IREN seminar: toward a European radio model? Europe: regulating the airwaves. Typology of the programmes and radio genres. Radio audiences. Public radio broadcasts. The economy and radio advertising.

2.00 pm — 3.00 pm: Second meeting with the DRF Committee
The Digital Radios Francaises committee will be at Le Radio! to hold its second meeting with its new members and develop a point about digital radio in France.

3.30 pm — 5.00 pm: The Radio Bosses in the face of Technological Changes
Led by Jerome Bonaldi: Faced with the flow of divergent technologies, the point of view of the heads of the main French and European radio stations about the future of radio.

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5.30 pm — 6.00 pm: Presentation of the NAB European Radio Conference in Athens – October 2005

6.00 pm — 7.00 pm: Workshop – How to better market your radio station at the regional level?
How many sales people to achieve what kind of turnover? Relational versus competence. The local media mix. Big companies versus small commerce. How to work without surveys? How to best compete with the press and other local media? Pricing policy. Selling production well. How do you keep the customers coming back regularly throughout the year? Marketing ideas(success stories).

Tuesday 8 February


10.15 am — 10.45 am: “Design me a radio”, an educational introduction to the audio wave, FM, AM
Led by Michel Chevalet
What is a sound? Principle of the radio. Principle of running a station and a receiver. Short and medium waves (amplitude modulation). FM. Satellites. Web Radio and Streaming. The digital DAB and DRM. The services of digital radio: Electronic Programmes Guide (EPG). Other mobile technologies. Telephony (GSM, 3G, UMTS). Wifi and WiMax – Radio Wifi.

10.45 am — 12.30 pm: Mobile Technologies
DAB/DRM – DMB – DVB-T – Wifi – UMTS – ISDB-T …a look at the latest technologies in the field of mobile transmissions.

1.00 pm — 1.45 pm: Comparison of the convergence mobile broadcasting technologies
Special session: Alain Untersee
The convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications is slowly becoming a concrete reality, in particular with the integration of ever broader functionalities in terminals of mobile telephony, such as an FM radio receiver or the reception of video programmes, the latter being made possible through “3G” technology coming from the world of mobile telephony. Tomorrow these terminals will include real functions for receiving TV-type audio-visual programmes, with the integration of technologies from the broadcasting world such as DVB-H and DMB. This presentation makes a comparison between the performances of these two technologies, by positioning them in relation to the technologies coming from the world of telecommunications such as “3G”.

2.00 pm — 4.30 pm: Convergence, yes! But for what uses and what content?
Imagining the ideal receiver of tomorrow. Telephony, radio, Internet, television…how to keep from getting muddled in the multitude of receivers and how to adapt or create the content?

5.00 pm — 6.00 pm: Commercial radio and mobility
The vision of radio station decision makers on media convergence and their projects in this area.

6.00 pm — 7.00 pm: A complete review of the frequency plan?
Debate on the 2006 FM Plan and the possible re-planning of FM: disruption of the established order? Which operators, where?

7.00 pm — 8.00 pm: Workshop – How to create a good radio commercial?
Is the client’s advertising idea any good? The seller’s role in marketing survey and consultancy. The rules for producing a good commercial. The basic notions: repetition and audience. To whom do you address the message? Reaching listeners near the points of sale / purchasing acts. Programme concepts. Common sense and statistics. Examples of successful campaigns.

Wednesday 9 February

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10.15 am — 11.30 am: Results of the 2004 radio advertising activity
Key market figures, audience size, and prospects for 2005. Marketing research institutes draw up a complete panorama of the radio advertising market compared to other media, audience size, as well as the prospects for the 2005 market.

11.30 am — 1.00 pm: Change in music distribution, diversity…what is radio’s role?
Musical diversity, radio and peer-to-peer. Digital radio / analogue radio: formats more specialised for better quality pirating? And what about the Baptiste report? Digital distribution of promotions for radio stations: who do these profit?

2.30 pm — 4.00 pm: Sport and Media: a “plus” of radio – led by Pierre Albaladejo
The main persons in charge of sports programmes, federations and leagues will debate the advantages of sports on the radio.

For its 3rd year, Le Radio! is offering you an event rich in content.
We look forward to seeing you from 6 – 9 February 2005
at Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles, in Hall 5!

Exhibitor/Visitor Information:
Reed Expositions France / SIEL — 70, rue Rivay — 92 532 Levallois-Perret cedex — France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 56 50 42 — Fax: +33 (0)1 47 56 24 64 — Web site: — e-mail:

Editions HF / Le RADIO ! – 19, rue Charles Barrat – 19100 Brive — France
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Press Contacts
Sylvie Desnouveaux & Anne-Claire Barthelemy
Tel. +33 (0)1 41 34 22 89 and +33 (0)1 41 34 22 76

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