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PureLink debuts new HDMI / DVI Switching, Distribution, Conversion, and Fiber Optic Connectivity Products for 1080p HD Content


PureLink debuts new HDMI / DVI Switching, Distribution, and Conversion Products

PureLink Fiber Optic Cable Systems Deliver Gigabit HD Content Up To 330 Feet

Hackensack, NJ–September 8, 2005–Just in time for CEDIA EXPO, Dtrovision LLC has announced the introduction of it’s new PureLink brand HDMI / DVI Switching, Distribution, and Conversion products. At the same time, PureLink also announced the introduction of the world’s first black fiber optic cable system for advanced HDTV Home Theater. Consumers worldwide are faced with new digital connectivity problems because their existing preamp or receiver does not have the latest digital interface or switching. These consumers are going to need a PureLink.

HDMI and DVI are the two digital signal delivery systems that offer consumers a pure digital path between their sources and displays at the highest HD resolution. Today’s consumer who opts to connect digitally is finding that the HDTV’s only have one digital input. If the consumer owns a satellite receiver, cable box, DVD player, TIVO, or gaming system, and wants to connect all those devices and switch between them digitally, he is going to need a PureLink Switching System. 2-in, 1-out via DVI or HDMI switching sells for $299 MSRP. 4-in, 1-out via DVI or HDMI sells for $549 MSRP. They feature IR remote and RS-232 for outboard operating systems.

When the consumer has multiple HDTV displays around the home and wants to connect all of them to the same DVI source digitally, PureLink’s DVI distribution amps make it possible. PureLink distribution amps start at $349 MSRP for 1-in, 2-out and $599 MSRP for 1-in, 5-out. Other models serve the professional and broadcast industries, with an 18-in, 18-out Matrix Router available at $29,999 MSRP.

If the consumer owns an older HD plasma or projection TV, without a DVI input, he can use the PureLink DVI to VGA converter to upgrade that older model to the DVI digital content through the VGA input. Even though the input is analog, the signal being fed to it is digital and provides higher brightness, contrast, and improved resolution. The DC-DA1 sells for $349 MSRP.

Consumers who own a digital display with DVI input but only have a VGA source can use the PureLink VGA to DVI converter. The DC-AD2 sells for $649 MSRP.

All of these models are HDCP compliant and approved by the HDMI and DVI standards bodies. PureLink products use only Silicon Image approved IC’s for each task and are selected because of their longevity and reliability, as well as state-of-the-art 1080p digital performance. When more 1080p content begins to arrive, consumers will expect their equipment to deliver. PureLink is determined to be the most reliable brand on the market as well deliver the highest performance.

PureLink’s Fiber Optic Cable Systems for both HDMI and DVI are capable of delivering the highest resolution HD content at 1.65 Gbps (WUXGA, 1980×1220) to digital displays up to 330 ft away from the source. Only fiber optics can do this. Copper cables are fine for short distances, however beyond 15 ft, significant pixel loss occurs and at 30 ft., the picture collapses into a black screen. PureLink has 3 types for DVI; OC, OBC, and OLC and one type for HDMI.

Consumers can choose between an integrated cable (OC) or modular (OBC, HDX). Fiber optic cable systems include an optical converter that converts the electrical signals into light waves which are transmitted over a fiber optic cable at the speed of light with no resistance or inductance, as with copper. A receiver at the display reconverts the signal back into electrical waveform. The electronics add to the cost compared to copper, however, copper cant go long distances so there is no choice when distance is an issue, at least on HD content at the highest resolutions.

OC Integrated cables contain the electronics in the actual DVI connector at each end and use the #14 DVI pin for power so no external power source is required. The OBC (DVI) and HDX (HDMI) are modular so the cable can be pulled through walls and conduits and be added to the outboard optical converter/transceiver modules afterwards. Prices start at $299 MSRP for the 3 meter OC-3 Integrated DVI cable. Prices start at $949 for the HDX-10, a 10 meter (33 ft) HDMI modular system.

Interested parties can contact Bob Rapoport at, 727-866-0799 or Minsoo Park at, 201-488-3232. Or, visit for the whole story.

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