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PSB’s M4U 9 Headphones and M4U TWM Earbuds Integrate Audiodo Personal Sound

New PSB headphones and earphones use Audiodo’s Personal Sound software that creates a hearing profile and lets you compensate for it.

PSB M4U 9 Wireless Headphones and M4U TWM Wireless Earphones

PSB Speakers, through the leadership and design expertise of Paul Barton, has been offering premium loudspeakers for over 50 years. However, not everyone knows that they have been making quality headphones for over ten years. 

With that in mind, PSB is bringing their new M4U 9 headphones and M4U TWM earbuds to AXPONA 2023, to be held on April 14th through 16th, in Chicago.

Ian White and Chris Boylan were given a private demonstration of the M4U 9 Headphones at CanJam NYC 2023 and had the opportunity to create their own sonic profiles using Audiodo’s Personal Sound technology.

“It definitely works, but the testing wasn’t ideal at CanJam NYC 2023 because we could hear outside noise on the street which certainly impacted the test,” explained EIC Ian White.

“The software runs a hearing assessment and then allows you to hear music using the compensation curve. We were able to use the app to cycle back and forth and there was a definite bump in certain areas that did improve the sonics.”

The M4U 9 and M4U TWM designs incorporate the latest engineering, contributing to a better listening experience.

Chris Boylan Trying PSB Headphones cat CanJam NYC 2023
Editor-at-Large, Chris Boylan Tries PSB M4U 9 Headphones at CanJam NYC 2023

Features in Common

Sound Optimization with Audiodo Personal Sound™

This technology uses algorithms that allow listeners to calibrate their headphones so that they match the listening capabilities of each ear. 

After completing a hearing assessment accessed through the PSB Headphones App, Audiodo Personal Sound™ maps a precise profile of the listener’s hearing. It calculates what changes need to be made based on personal sound perception, and formulates a compensation curve for the listener that can be applied to the overall headphone sound.

Natural RoomFeel™ Tuning

RoomFeel technology mimics the experience of listening to a pair of high-quality, full-range speakers. Developed using research and expertise around ‘Room Gain’ the energy and warmth that room boundaries add to the response curve of a flat-measuring loudspeaker). Instead of a traditional ‘in the head’ headphone listening experience RoomFeel creates an open and natural experience more typical of listening to actual speakers placed in a room.

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PSB Headphones App

The headphones app provides access to all headphone settings, including Audiodo Personal Sound™ tests, transparency modes, battery levels, and the latest firmware updates and codes when provided.


PSB M4U 9 Wireless Headphones Side and Angle Views
  • Product Design: Over-ear, amplified, closed-back design with Gyro-suspended ear pads.
  • Drivers: Graphene-infused, 40mm drivers.
  • ANCActive Noise Cancelling (ANC) is provided – includes both Active and Passive Modes.
  • Microphones: All-digital ANC with digital MEMS microphones decreases audio conversion error.
  • RoomFeel: PSB’s latest RoomFeel™ technology for greater detail and better imaging.
  • Audiodo: Personal Sound by Audiodo™ through the PSB Headphones app.
  • Bluetooth:  HD wireless connection with Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive and cVc™ technology. NFC pairing is included for supported devices.
  • Controls: Physical controls for volume, playback, and mode selection.
  • Wired Inputs: Unique dual 3.5mm input connections (left or right side) Tangle-free, braided cords for analog wired and USB-C connection ¼” stereo and dual-input flight adapters.
  • Battery: Runs on included rechargeable battery power, Up to 25 hrs battery playtime in Active Mode.
  • Carry Case: The M4U 9 can be folded for travel and storage in its convenient carry case. 


PSB M4U TWM Wireless Earphones
  • Product Design: Magneto-Static, Hybrid Planar dual driver design.
  • Fit In-ear lightweight secure fit suits any active lifestyle.
  • Voice Assistant Support: Activate voice assistants or use hard-click buttons for hands-free calling and music control.
  • Bluetooth: Wireless auto-pairing with any Bluetooth™ enabled device.
  • Additional PSB technologies: RoomFeel™, Audiodo™, and cVc™ (clear voice capture).
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP65 rated for protection against sweat, dust, and weather.
  • Battery: Rechargeable with 8 hours of playback and 24 hours in the smart charging case for 32 hours of total extended playtime.
PSB M4U TWM Wireless Earphones in Charging Case Black

Availability & Pricing

As mentioned previously, the M4U4 9 and M4U TWM will be shown at upcoming the AXPONA Audio Expo from April 14-16, 2023.  They will be available for consumers via PSB dealers starting June 2023 at the following prices:



  1. ORT

    April 7, 2023 at 12:58 pm

    I can not abide IEMs. Sticking stuff in my earie canals does not suit me. *SHUDDER*

    But I shall look into the M4U9 if further review here from your lads warrants recommendation and, here it comes…They come in Blueish or Tannish.

    Maybe Reddish?

    Shallow Hal lives!


    • Ian White

      April 7, 2023 at 2:25 pm


      They were good and the Audiodo software definitely makes an impact. However, at the price…the Px7 S2 are better wireless headphones. I would go for those.


      Ian White

      • ORT

        April 8, 2023 at 6:08 am

        Thanks, brother. I will. Blueish…It shall be.

        On a side note about ‘phones – I am very much enjoying my new Focal Elegia with the cool-lookiing-but-I-can’t-hear-any-difference-but-I-don’t-care-they-look-SWEET! balanced cable!

        I need to get some sort of “affordable to me” tubed Phono Preamp with a headphone out and amp. Schiit does not make any thing toadish. Dammit.

        I will let you know when I (finally) get the Blueish Px7 S2 ‘phones! Family first! Unless I weaken…

        In closing I must admit it is good to be back and still alive. Your site the folks that make it what it is have long made this my favourite place for audio/video reviews and fun insights/Podcasts, etc. Thank you, Ian and please thank all the lads and the two loverly lasses.

        Don QuixORTe’

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