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Pro Audio Technology Launches the Intelligent SR-28212ai Loudspeaker

The Pro Audio Technology SR-28212ai Loudspeaker might be the most advanced loudspeaker ever created. For real.

Pro Audio Technology SR-28212ai Loudspeakers

Pro Audio Technology might not be a brand that a lot of audiophiles have heard of but it’s one that has earned a lot of praise in the high-end home theater and integration categories. Theory Audio Design is the consumer-grade division of the company and I was beyond impressed with its 5.2.2 surround system that I reviewed earlier this year.

It is my personal benchmark for home theater systems and what I will ultimately purchase in 2022 when we complete the renovation of our main floor living space. Paul Hales is one of the most talented loudspeaker designers in the world and Pro Audio Technology/Theory Audio Design have a very impressive list of customers that include world leaders, musicians, professional sound engineers and the types of customers who make movies and television for a living. Not a poor crowd of people but also those responsible for the technical side of the movies and music that we love.

The build quality of the Theory Audio Design system was above and beyond what I’ve ever seen from any consumer home theater product and the $15,000 price of admission (which included 9 speakers and a controller/amplifier) didn’t feel out of whack at all. I’ve listened to some $50,000 home theater systems that couldn’t compare to this one so tuck that information away for a rainy day.

The Pro Audio Technology side is designed for those who demand the best possible sound quality at home and without turning your listening space into a crowed mess of huge floor standing loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Pro Audio Technology (PRO), the leading supplier of high-output loudspeakers and DSP loudspeaker controllers, has announced the new SR-28212ai – the company’s most acoustically ambitious and flexible loudspeaker ever created. 

The SR-28212ai features a 1.7-inch advanced polymer compression tweeter, two ultra-high output 8-inch midrange drivers, and two 12-inch, 2000W woofers inside a distinctive, aimable enclosure.

It serves as three loudspeakers in one: a very high-output, very full-range loudspeaker for LCR or surround applications, an LFE (main) subwoofer, and a subwoofer for surround and Atmos speaker bass management – all at the same time, and all within a single 6-inch deep enclosure.

Designed with residential surround sound systems (including DCI) in mind, the SR-28212ai can be configured with straight-firing axi-symmetric, or 40-degree asymmetric waveguides which aim the sound at a 40 degree angle to the loudspeaker’s main axis.

This allows the sound to be “aimed” at the reference listening position while the speaker is mounted flush in a flat architectural wall. The SR-28212ai is also the first PRO product to utilize PRO’s new Theorem Waveguide™, which offers text-book on and off-axis dispersion of critical high frequencies.

“By leveraging the bass-management capability of our ALC model amplified loudspeaker controllers, a single SR-28212ai loudspeaker system can serve as a full-range surround loudspeaker, an auxiliary LFE system subwoofer and a surround speaker bass-management subwoofer, simultaneously”, said Paul Hales, President and Product Designer, Pro Audio Technology. “For example, in space or budget-constrained systems, three 6-inch deep 28212ais can operate as the LCR speakers and three main LFE subwoofers. There is no need to buy or locate separate subs”.

Fully aimable using PRO’s pivot brackets, the SR-28212ai provides a very wide dispersion, is incredibly efficient (>100dB/W in every passband) and offers massive output of over 130dB. The low frequency section is 102dB sensitivity (with 4000W, 2000W AES, power handling); mid frequency is 106dB (1000W, 500W AES, power handling); and high frequency is 108dB / Watt. 

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Pro Audio Technology SR-28212ai Loudspeaker with 40-degree wave guide
Available with 40-degree asymmetric wave guide as model SR-28212ai-40 (shown above). MF/HF Baffle shown inverted for symmetrical layout.

In depth-constrained systems where the speakers cannot be aimed, the SR-28212ai can also be ordered with a 40-degree waveguide to aim high frequencies at 40 degrees when mounted flat. To further increase utility, the mid-tweeter module can be inverted to bring the tweeter level down or locate it in the center of the enclosure for horizontal use, such as under or over video walls, with either a 0-degree or 40-degree waveguide. 

Alternatively, an installer could invert the mid-tweeter baffle and mount the speaker upside down, placing the subwoofer section near the ceiling for use as a surround sub to augment Atmos speakers while keeping the midrange drivers and tweeters in the correct orientation and at the proper height.

Extremely flexible, the SR-28212ai 40-degree asymmetric waveguides can be rotated in 90-degree increments to fire in any direction: left, right, up, or down.

“I’m not aware of a more powerful or flexible loudspeaker system anywhere,” said Hales. “Combined with our ALC bass-management and mixing capabilities, there is almost no application it cannot handle.”

Price & Availability

The PRO SR-28212ai loudspeakers are now available worldwide through custom installation dealers. MSRP: $10,000 per speaker.

For more information:


  • Dual Professional 12-inch, 1400W Subwoofers with 4-inch Voice Coils
  • Dual Professional 8-inch, 500W midrange drivers with 2.5-inch Voice Coils
  • Professional 1.75-inch Ultra-Purity Compression Driver on PRO Theorem Wide Dispersion Axi-symmetric Waveguide
  • High-Sensitivity: 102dB LF; 106dB MF; 108dB HF
  • Wide Bandwidth from 6” Deep Enclosure: 22Hz-22kHz, -6dB
  • Maximum Output: Greater than 131dB
  • MF / HF baffle may be inverted to bring HF waveguide to ear level
  • Serves as full-range surround speaker and subwoofer(s) simulaneously
  • PRO Pivot Aiming Brackets Included


  • Application: Surround sound / home theater / studio reference monitor / dance clubs / two-channel stereo
  • LF Section: 2 x 12″ professional grade subwoofers with 4″ voice coils
  • MF Section: 2 x 8” midrange drivers with 2.5 inch voice coils
  • HF Section: 1.75″ professional-grade compression driver on PRO Theorem wide dispersion Axi- symmetric waveguide
  • Crossover: 8th order acoustic via DSP
  • Power Handling: 2800W LF / 1000W MF / 120W HF
  • Sensitivity: 102dB LF / 106dB MF / 108dB HF
  • Power Requirements: Tri-amplification via PRO Amplified Loudspeaker Controller
  • Wiring Requirements: 6 conductors
  • Frequency Range: 22Hz – 22kHz, -6dB
  • Maximum Output: 131dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4-ohms LF / 4-ohms MF / 8-ohms HF
  • Dimensions: 68″ H x 14″ W x 6″ D
  • Weight: 117 lbs (each)
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