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Car Subwoofers

Pioneer Champion / Pro and ib-Flat Shallow Car Subwoofers


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is giving consumers the power to add more bass to their vehicles with the introduction of its new series of Pioneer and Premier branded Champion Pro, ib-Flat Shallow and Champion series car subwoofers. Each new subwoofer was reinforced with an application of basalt rock speaker technology in the cone production process to deliver the essential low bass frequencies to make music come alive for an enhanced in-car sound experience. The subwoofers adopt a new sophisticated cone design that not only looks sleek, but also reinforces the structure to handle increased power.

“Music becomes more powerful and more emotional when a subwoofer reproduces drum beats or the low rumble bass from a rap song. Low bass is what’s frequently missing in most car audio systems due to the space limitation of the doors and rear deck. Small speakers can’t produce the low frequencies that subwoofers are designed for,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the mobile business group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We’re offering a variety of ways consumers can fill this bass frequency void with Pioneer’s new line-up of subwoofers intended for a range of applications, performance needs and budgets.”


Champion Pro Series Subwoofers
Designed for audiophiles with discerning critical listening, Pioneer’s new Champion Pro series subwoofers use technologies derived from Pioneer’s award-winning SPL subwoofers, enhanced with increased power and performance due to basalt rock technology and other advancements including:

  • Interlaced Basalt & Aramid Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone — The Champion Pro boasts a new three-prong swirl cone design that is further enforced using basalt fibers made from volcanic rock, infused with aramid fibers to create a cone that is both extremely rigid and very lightweight, essential for low and accurate bass response. The combination of materials results in extremely clean bass with more impact and helps to prevent the cone from flexing unevenly in high sound pressure levels (SPL), which causes distortion and the eventual failure of the speaker.
  • Cone Reinforcement Ring — A specially shaped reinforcement ring behind the cone, connecting the voice coil and the center cap, is used to keep the entire cone moving in unison. This method helps to eliminate any phase differences so the listener only hears the exact bass information without any added harmonics and distortion.
  • Aluminum voice coil — In addition to its lightweight advantage, the aluminum voice coil used in the speakers can tolerate higher temperatures and dissipate heat quickly, significantly increasing power handling and reliability, which is particularly important at high volume levels.
  • Wide-Roll, 3-Layer Fiber Woven Radial Surround — The speakers feature a surround made of two layers of urethane and one interwoven hexagonal cloth designed to move evenly at all excursion levels, virtually eliminating any weak points. The innovative honeycomb-pattern reinforcing cotton cloth is sandwiched between a wide-roll, dual-layer urethane that resists surround puckering, resulting in louder, more controlled bass response.
  • Integrated Single Sided Silver Binding Posts — High quality binding posts (terminals) are located on one side of the speakers for greater installation flexibility.

The Champion Pro series features the patent-pending “Air Suspension” system that allows the subwoofers to be installed in smaller enclosures than typical subwoofers. The “Air Suspension” technology replaces the conventional spider construction, found in most subwoofers, with a second cone that traps or “sandwiches” air between the front (upper) and secondary (drive) cone, decreasing the enclosure size requirement by 70 percent. In approximately half the space needed for conventional drivers of the same size, Pioneer’s subwoofers obtain similar output levels with higher sound quality.

The TS-W3002D4/2 (12-inch) and TS-W2502D4/2 (10-inch) are available in both dual 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm versions and start at a suggested price of $280.

ib-Flat Slim Subwoofers
Ideal for consumers who want the added benefit of bass in their cars, but are not fond of the inconvenience associated with large subwoofer enclosures, Pioneer’s new ib-Flat subwoofers have a mounting depth of less than 3.25-inches deep and require a much smaller enclosure to produce the tight bass that can be discovered in any type of music. Consumers can ultimately acquire powerful, tight, accurate bass without taking up a large amount of space, so there’s room left for the essentials like groceries and golf clubs. Other benefits include:

  • Interlaced Basalt/Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone — The ib-Flat woofers were given a “rock” treatment, utilizing basalt fibers that were implemented in Pioneer’s TS-D speakers to increase rigidity to its proprietary Air Suspension cones.
  • 6-Layer Pure Aluminum Wire Voice Coil — A 6-layer pure aluminum wire used in the subwoofers significantly decreases the overall weight of the voice coil to only 1.3 ounces, allowing the magnet to more accurately control the voice coil. This lightweight material also helps to increase efficiency for greater output levels, and improve power handling due to its ability to dissipate heat.
  • Larger Cone and Magnet — The 3-layer fiber woven radial surround employed in the subwoofers was shifted to the outer edges to make room for a larger replacement cone. The technique resulted in more air movement and lower bass response. In addition, a larger ferrite magnet was used for increased control of the voice coil which provides more accurate bass response and greater power handling.

The combined technologies in the ib-Flat subwoofers improved the overall output sensitivity by two decibels in the crucial bass frequencies so consumers not only hear the “kick” of the drum beat but also feel it. The ib-Flat subwoofers produce deeper, more powerful bass using less power out of an amplifier.

The ib-Flat Slim Subwoofers start at a suggested price of $200.

Champion Series
Budget conscious consumers looking to add bass with lots of kick and performance will appreciate the full and robust sound out of the Champion subwoofers. Pioneer enhanced its core Champion subwoofer series with the same rock technology in the slim subwoofers — basalt fibers were interlaced with carbon fiber forming an exceptionally strong cone to withstand high sound pressure levels.

The series adopts the swirl effect cone design found in its big brother Pro Series counterpart for a cool aesthetic and added performance. Pioneer was also able to increase maximum power handling capability in the series.

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Additional performance features of the Champion series include:

  • 3-Layer Radial Surround — The surround is constructed of two foamed urethane and one interwoven cloth layers to improve power handling, reduce distortion and improve durability.
  • Integrated Single Sided Silver Binding Posts — Binding posts are located on one side for ease of installation.
  • Dual Voice Coil — Available in dual 2-Ohm or dual 4-Ohm, the subwoofers offer greater installation flexibility.

The Champion Series Subwoofers start at a suggested price of $120.

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