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PHA True Line Array Speakers


Line Array Speakers for Residential and Commercial Applications

PHA True Line Array Speakers Deliver Impeccable Sound Quality From a Versatile and Tiny 2″ x 2″ Footprint
With their compact size, audiophile sound quality and wide sound dispersion the PHA line embodies a new class of line array speakers.

Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc., the leader in audio/video control and signal distribution offers an innovative and unique family of line-array speakers for use in both residential and commercial applications.

Forget about tweaking speakers so that the sweet-spot is almost perfect. Let the speakers do the work. With PHA line array speakers a vertically mounted unit delivers 180 sound field eliminating the need for over priced and in-accurate dipole and monitor surround speakers. When mounted horizontally PHA units deliver a more directional sound field which is ideal for center-channel applications. PHA speakers lay the foundation for seamless vocal ranges in the 5.1 an 7.1 sectors and can be easily placed in corners or built into columns etc. for a well blended decor.

The PHA™ (Pragmatic High-performance Array) speaker bars have extremely compact footprints for applications in architectural audio, digital signage, corporate boardrooms, houses of worship, retail merchandising, class rooms, theme parks, public venues, airports, train stations, bus depots, sports arenas, health and fitness clubs, etc. These speakers offer high performance, uniform and well-defined dispersion patterns, impeccable vocal range and music clarity where sound needs to be transmitted over long distance or wider coverage areas.

The PHA™ family of speakers have a footprint of 2 inch x 2 inch (5 cm x 5 cm) only and are available in varying lengths from 9 inches to 42 inches, making the longer arrays ideally suited for LCD and plasma displays in digital signage or home theater applications. These patent-pending speakers are hand built using unique advanced technology, long excursion drivers that offer a full range frequency response without distortion. Additionally PHA speakers are very well suited for both in-doors as well as weather-protected outdoor applications.

PHA™ speakers deliver excellent and well-defined sound dispersion patterns. When mounted vertically, these sound columns have a uniform and wide dispersion covering almost 360 degrees along the vertical axis. This makes the PHA™ speakers ideally suited for applications in public address venues such as political events, theme parks, airports, train stations, bus depots, houses of worship, fitness clubs, gymnasiums, etc. When mounted horizontally, the sound bars have a very well defined dispersion along the horizontal axis. The speakers project a narrow sound beam focused straight down the median. This tightly controlled dispersion pattern also makes PHA™ speakers ideally suited for digital signage, retail merchandising kiosks, educational classrooms, museums, art galleries, and even residential home theater applications. The higher efficiency of these line-array speakers allow them to cover more than 300 ft. distances.

The speakers are currently offered in attractive White and Black colors to match most decors. A variety of mounting kits are offered for surface mounting on commercial walls and drop-tile ceilings. The speakers offer a full-range frequency response from 100 Hz to 20 kHz and continuous power handling up to 300 Watts. These speakers have an impedance of 4 – 6 ohms and are ideally matched to Pragmatics’ many mono-block and stereo amplifiers such as the MBA and SAA families. Prices range from $200.00 to $800.00 depending on the chosen model.

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Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based company established in 1994 to design, develop and produce a variety of innovative and environmentally conscious products for audio, video and data communications. The majority of the company’s products up until 1997 were designed for industrial and commercial applications, after which Pragmatic branched into the consumer market. The success of the older products led to a strong and dynamic technology base, which helps fulfill Pragmatics’ mission to create solutions to long unresolved technical problems with designs that are both compact and energy efficient. This belief has been applied to a new generation of Pragmatic products such as PHA™ speakers, PADS™, DMS™, DAVES™, CATS™, TrueMusic™ wireless hi-fi system, and TrueView™ wireless video system.

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