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From Oxen Safaris to Summit Trips: Technology for any Adventure

Head Guide for Mountain Adventures in Norway, Jens Erixon, knows first-hand the importance of gear protection. User of the rugged OtterBox 3600 PDA case for only 4 weeks now, Erixon is sold for life!

Erixon leads adventures from musk oxen safaris to summit trips and is always looking for high quality equipment, especially technology for safety reasons.

“I use to protect my MDA 3 PDA when I am guiding my clients to the mountains in Norway,” explains Erixon. “We have already been through heavy rainfall and at altitude of 2300 meters without any problems.”

PDAs provide Mountain Adventures the ability have a cell phone for emergencies. Out on these remote trips, there’s no room for technology uncertainty especially in the event of an accident.

“We choose the OtterBox 3600 because it’s is very user friendly and easy to install the PDA in the box. It’s also easy to use other accessories such as Bluetooth GPS Wireless headset,” explains Erixon. “Finally, the OtterBox has a low price point, which is great for our business when we have to purchase multiple cases.”

The OtterBox 3600 helps Mountain Adventures to:
• Keep their PDAs dry
• Keep it safe from impact
• Extended battery time (PDAs exposed to the elements have a shorter battery life than those enclosed in an OtterBox case)

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“I have been at the highest mountain in the park which is 2286 meters and it was – 3 degrees C. My phone is usually eating batteries when it’s cold, but when I used the OtterBox 3600, the battery-time was actually extended with at least one hour,” said Erixon. “I plan to run some more tests during the winter here when the temperature might be as low as – 40 to – 45 degrees C.”

Mountain Adventures recommends OtterBox to all types of organizations including military, park rangers, rescue forces and other companies operating in remote areas and arctic climates.

“I definitely recommend the OtterBox, both for my clients and also for our co-operation partners. It is a great and inexpensive way of protecting a PDA. It is also very user-friendly.”

About Mountain Adventures:

Mountain Adventures is a small company situated in Dombas at the end of the beautiful valley of Gudbrandsdal in Norway.
They arrange trips for everyone who wants to join, from families, single tourists to large groups. Our motto is that everyone who wants, should have the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature.

For more information on Mountain Adventures visit: or email then at

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About Otter Products:

Founded in 1996, Otter Products, LLC. has become a leader in the design and production of rugged cases to safeguard technology and other valuables. With a complete line of waterproof, drop-resistant, interactive cases, Otter provides ideal solutions for any mission.

Rugged cases include protection for iPAQs, Apple iPods, Laptops, Tablet PCs, GPS, cigars, Zippo lighters and more. Built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity, and perseverance, Otter Products is a powerhouse of innovation, manufacturing quality cases with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.

For more information on Otter Products visit or call (888) 695-8820. OtterBox, never out of its element!


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