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New version of password manager – Handy Password 3.0.1.


Novosoft LLC, Russia, has released new version of a password manager – Handy Password 3.0.1. This program can save site logins, fill web-forms and log into websites automatically. Handy Password 3.0.1 was created to make a work in Internet easier and more productive.

You should complete a series of regular procedures again and again to become a competent user of a global network. And one of the main procedures is filling online – forms on mail servers, in e-shops and on information and databases websites. You can make your daily surfing the Internet more comfortable and facilitate working process with the help of Handy Password. Moreover, there are five objective reasons why Handy Password should be at your office.

1. Handy Password saves your time
It takes about one minute to fill in a usual online – form. If you use Handy Password it takes only five or seven seconds. By a single mouse click, the user fills the most general information fields: name, e-mail, phone and so forth. And then by a single mouse click – nickname and password fields. Thus, you save some more seconds on filling in this form on each web site. Using Handy Password each employee can save about one hour of his working time per week and spend this hour more efficiently for a common cause.

2. Handy Password frees employees’ mind from the unnecessary information
Each employee should keep a lot of information in his mind to make working process efficient. In addition, he should memorize all passwords, contacts of the office, numbers of a credit card and a personal account of the company. It occupies a lot of employee’s memory. Handy Password can release him from the necessity of constantly holding all these data in mind.
Handy Password stores the information which is always required by E-mail service, e-shops and databases, and therefore frees your employees’ mind from the unnecessary information. So, they will work more efficiently and never forget about an important business meeting because of the memory overfull with various data.

3. Handy Password saves money
Imagine an ordinary office of one of the company’s departments, consisting approximately of 100 employees; each of them spends ten minutes a day on filling various online forms to access the necessary information. Every month about 400 hours of the working time are spent on this useless action. Moreover, the company pays for these 400 hours.
Now imagine how much efficiently your employees work, if they are not burden with a duty to keep all contact information of the company in their mind and to remember logins and passwords on numerous network resources.
Combine these two components and you will see the great savings on costs for the company. Handy Password is developed exactly to relieve you of extra costs.

4. Handy Password reliably protects the information you commit to it
All the data you save in Handy Password, are protected by 128-bit encryption. Starting the program the user inputs only one password which opens the access to all other passwords and logins only to him. This way of working with the Internet favorably differs from using Auto-save function of Internet Explorer, and moreover, from an old-fashioned method of writing passwords in paper notebooks or on stickers.
The information about the company which the user inputs filling online – forms is also protected in the same way. So you can easily entrust to Handy Password not only the login data on network resources, but also numbers of credit cards and other valuable information. Handy Password with 128-bit encryption will protect it from unauthorized access.

5. Handy Password makes work with IE maximum convenient.
Handy Password is supplied with a very convenient system of cards. The user can keep bookmarks with the login data of resources often visited by him on IE toolbar. These bookmarks help surfing the Internet quickly and without taking much time. Several mouse clicks- several e-mail boxes checked.
Usability always lightens mood. And convenience always raises efficiency. With Handy Password your employees will work even more efficiently.

Novosoft is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions and custom software development services worldwide. Our mission is to be recognized as an important force in setting and maintaining the standards for software development services in the International IT market by providing our customers with high-quality and cost-effective products and solutions.

Novosoft LLC,, +7 (3832)303469

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