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New Diskeeper 2009 Defrag: A New Standard In Performance and Reliability

Diskeeper Corporation today launched new Diskeeper 2009 – with the fastest and most thorough defrag engines ever built. With Enterprise features included in all workstation editions Diskeeper provides maximum performance at the desktop level reducing your overall energy consumption and providing optimum computing.

For anyone responsible for a Windows PC or network computer, Diskeeper 2009 is a must-have utility right alongside security solutions for overall system health and performance. While viruses and spyware are threats that might occur and should be protected against, fragmentation continually occurs and must be eliminated.

Diskeeper 2009 Enhancements:

Recognizing the exponential increase in storage capacity of desktop systems and the vital need to keep these systems running at top speed, Diskeeper has equipped Diskeeper Pro Premier with the Terabyte Volume Engine™ technology. This advanced engine has the defrag horsepower necessary to rapidly eliminate tens of thousands to millions of fragments on drives from 60GB on up.

To accommodate fast-paced work environments and ever increasing demands, Diskeeper Professional includes the exclusive I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology). This technology alone squeezes 10% — 80% more performance out of the drive for the most commonly accessed files. This is on top of the notable gains found from standard defragmentation.

Free Space Defrag Engines which allow defragmentation to occur on volumes with as little as 1% free space reducing cost on hardware upgrades and boosting the speed of both save and write times are included as a must have in every edition of Diskeeper.

InvisiTasking for Zero Maintenance and Zero Overhead
InvisiTasking technology, the processing behind Diskeeper’s real-time operations, has been re-engineered to consolidate files even faster on busy systems.

This revolutionary technology sets Diskeeper apart from all utilities, as InvisiTasking is the only technology that prevents a background process from ever interfering with application and operating system use of computer resources. Instead of letting the operating system scheduler allocate the entire computer system to each process, InvisiTasking empowers the system to allocate its various resources (CPU, memory, disk, and network) separately to the process that needs each one. This allows overlapping use of separate resources–not just reducing system overhead, but eliminating it altogether. This means continual optimum performance and efficiency.

Diskeeper 2009 Key Features:

  • Real-Time Defragmentation automatically handles performance-robbing fragmentation as it occurs to maintain system performance at top speed while reducing backup times and lowering boot times and eliminating the need for scheduling or manual defrag.
  • New! InvisiTasking technology advances ensure no resource conflict whatsoever while performing vital real time defrag operations allowing Diskeeper to consolidate files even faster on busy systems.
  • New! I-FAAST 2.0 boosts access speeds for your most frequently used files (by an additional 10%- 80%). Now available in Diskeeper Professional edition.
  • New! Powerful Free Space Defragmentation Engine has been enhanced to increase file-write performance.
  • Low Free Space Defrag Engine increases ability to effectively utilize existing storage and retrieve files faster–even when you have less than 1% free space.
  • New! Terabyte Volume Engine technology rapidly eliminate tens of thousands to millions of fragments found on drives from 60GB on up. Now available in Diskeeper Pro Premier edition.
  • New! MOM/SCOM integration1. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) allow monitoring and management of computers interconnected by networks. Diskeeper provides MOM/SCOM with numerous alerts, reports and the ability to manage and control product settings and configurations.
  • Frag Shield 2.0 boosts reliability by automatically preventing crash-inducing fragmentation of critical system files.

Diskeeper 2009 Professional retails for $59.95. Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier retails for $99.95. Free 30-day trialware and further information at or call 800-829-6468.

Notes: 1 MOM/SCOM Management Pack included with Diskeeper Administrator Edition.

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About Diskeeper Corporation – Innovators in Performance and Reliability Technologies: Global Fortune 1000 enterprises to home users rely on Diskeeper software to provide unparalleled performance and reliability to their laptops, desktops and servers. Diskeeper Corporation further provides real-time data protection and real-time data recovery™ with Undelete data recovery software (

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