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NeoDigits soon to launch their X-Line of HD Network Media Players

Total connectivity, absolute access and effortless streaming to revolutionize your digital lifestyles

Hong Kong — Monday, May 22, 2006 — NeoDigits, leading online supplier of early-adopter DVD players to the digital home entertainment segment, has introduced their HELIOS X3000 and X5000 HD Network Media Players both set to be launched by June 2006.

The HELIOS X-Line of HD Network Media Players changes the way you manage, access and enjoy all your multimedia, giving you total freedom to enjoy them in superior audio and high-definition video quality anywhere in (and beyond) your home.

Tim Beloney, Director of Sales for NeoDigits comments, “From digital cameras and camcorders to MP3 players, online content and downloaded movies, digital media is everywhere but rarely connected and easily accessible. The X-Line lets users easily bridge the digital gap from the PC to the living room, and even extend it to the basement or boardroom while maintaining our extreme flexibility and high resolution roots.”

He adds, “NeoDigits also takes pride in listening to our customers and providing them with real world solutions they want. Beyond the incredible flexibility and functionality of the X-Line, the HELIOS X5000 is our flagship of quality, high performance, and style.”

Total Connectivity

The X-Line’s built-in LAN, WIFI and USB ports make it easy to connect and share digital audio, video and images. Using the X-Line, connect your television to any personal computer running the NeoLink server software (or other media server softwares), as well as your laptops, digital cameras, hard drives, projectors, MP3 players, MP4 players, and more.

Create your own home entertainment network between your bedroom, living room, office and den; and access movies, home videos, music, photos, online content and more in any digital storage device on the network and stream them directly to your television.

Absolute Access and Effortless Streaming

With the NeoLink Server Software, you can easily manage and access the videos, music and photos in your personal computer and play them onto your television.

NeoLink is able to synchronize with Apple iTunes, Real Rhapsody and Napster, supports Windows Media/WinAMP playlists, and does real time transcoding for Real player (RMVB) and 3GPP formats. NeoLink also lets you use your player’s intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to directly access your RSS feeds and other favorite online media links from your web browser’s bookmarks.

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On top of that, the X-Line’s GUI lets you access the HELIOS Media Portal allowing you to stream internet radio and television, along with broadcast internet news onto your television without having to use a computer. NeoDigits has included more than 50 pre-set links to popular online media sites, and will add to this list over time. With future firmware upgrades, you will be able to customize your own HELIOS Media Portal as well.

Extreme Clarity

Upscaling to 1080p resolution, the X-Line lets you watch standard DVD titles, MP4, DivX, XviD, DVD VOB, XviD HD, DivX HD, HD TS, WMV HD and more in dazzling high definition.

Luxury of Choice

Available in two varieties, you can choose between the X3000 and the X5000. While both players have the same features and functionality, NeoDigits offers to the absolute home theater and audio enthusiast first-class performance, design and build-quality with the X5000.

The X5000 is designed to impress with its handcrafted brushed aluminum panel and full metal case. The R-core linear power supply gives the X5000 a stable and distortion-free power source. Burr Brown DAC integration offers pure and noise-free digital-to-analog conversion. Higher-end audio components and gold-plated RCA jacks also make the X5000 the ideal player for your audio CDs and music media files. Designed for the avid AV enthusiast, the X5000 lets you indulge in exceptionally rich 2-channel audio quality and further enhanced video performance.

Beyond your Home

With its variety of connectivity options, the X-Line is as flexible in the public and corporate arena as it is in the home. Connect your conference room to your corporate server and stream your multimedia presentation straight to your projector screen. Stream digital advertising, announcements and more from a central server for simultaneous display on public plasma televisions. Get creative with the X-Line. With maximum connectivity, instantly build networks wherever there is need to access and stream digital media to your display devices — all in high-definition, of course.

Revolutionize your Digital Lifestyle

The HELIOS X-Line of HD Network Media Players bring you to the future of networked home entertainment and public infotainment; giving you the power to personalize your digital experiences and the flexibility to access and play all your digital media — whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want.

For further details and specifications on the HELIOS X-Line HD Network Media Players, please visit

About NeoDigits

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Founded in 2003, NeoDigits has established itself as one of the leading online providers of cutting edge early-adopter technologies to the digital home entertainment market. Having entered the market with their flagship brand of DVD players, NeuNeo, they have since launched their line of DVD products under a new brand name – HELIOS. Young, powerful and dependable with a fresh innovative edge – that is the image that the HELIOS brand represents.

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