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GPS Navigation

Navigon 7300T Portable GPS Navigator


Takes 3D Views, Traffic Updates and Voice Command to a New Level; New Intelligent NAVIGON MyRoutes™ Learns Your Driving Habits

NAVIGON, the leading innovator in the navigation market, today announced the next generation of NAVIGON’s highly acclaimed 7000-series platform, the NAVIGON 7300T. The ultra-stylish personal navigation device (PND) showcases an array of innovative features, including a new level of 3D visualization showing surrounding landscapes and important landmarks, Free Real-Time Spoken Traffic Updates and next-generation Voice Control, helping the user to control the device hands-free by speaking a wide variety of commands.

For the first time, NAVIGON combines its highly praised Panorama View 3D and Landmark View 3D features in one device, the NAVIGON 7300T. This gives the user a real 3D experience showing surrounding landscapes as well as important landmarks. Panorama View 3D brings a true 3D experience to the NAVIGON 7300T’s map using NASA terrain height data to provide geographic guidance complete with rolling hills and digital elevations. Landmark View 3D shows hundreds of richly-textured 3D landmarks across the U.S. and Canada such as the Empire State Building and the White House, as well as sports stadiums from coast to coast.

As an industry-first, the NAVIGON 7300T includes the new intelligent NAVIGON MyRoutes™ feature, taking individualized navigation to a new level and introducing a unique way of intelligent and personal route planning. The feature provides up to three route choices with distance and ETA calculated for all entered destinations, factoring in speed limits, construction and traffic as you’re driving. All routes are clearly displayed on a map with ETA and driving time giving the driver a choice. The system continuously saves the driver’s individual driving data in order to provide the best individual route possible and recommends a route based on the user’s driving habits, the day of week and time of travel.

NAVIGON takes its pioneering tradition in real-time traffic a step further by making it even easier to recognize issues ahead and route around traffic. The new NAVIGON 7300T now speaks traffic updates in addition to presenting them on the display. It also displays an alternative route around traffic on a map including the up-to-date ETA and distance. NAVIGON offers spoken real-time traffic updates for free for the life of the device. No subscriptions or additional hardware needed. Covering 95 markets across the U.S. and Canada, the NAVIGON 7300T will audibly alert you of traffic troubles and provide alternate routes.

The NAVIGON 7300T also boasts an all-new Voice Address Entry and Control feature, that not only makes inputting addresses simple, but also allows the user to control the device hands-free by speaking a wide variety of commands. This means that the driver can use the menu, adjust the volume or answer phone calls simply using his or her voice. Additionally, NAVIGON has designed the new voice-based feature to operate using more casual, less specific, language. For instance, the device volume can be increased by saying a variety of commands in much more casual language, such as “increase volume to eight” or “please make it louder.”

NAVIGON’s 7300T device is the first GPS system on the market to feature Rand McNally Scenic Routes content. Based on Rand McNally’s Best of the Road series, the NAVIGON 7300T includes over 250 routes such as Weekend Getaways, Scenic Tours and Regional Trips. These routes show the most beautiful vistas and breathtaking landscapes the U.S. and Canada have to offer. Scenic routes are a perfect option for a unique vacation to enjoy with the whole family or as an alternative to normal highway driving.

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Building upon NAVIGON’s tradition of developing products that channel the company’s heritage of fine German engineering and design, the NAVIGON 7300T takes style to a new level with an extra-wide, flat-panel touchscreen enclosed in a sleek, frameless piano black housing. NAVIGON’s design focus goes beyond the exterior of the 7300T. When compared with other GPS devices, NAVIGON’s rich maps and menus provide for a more sophisticated, intuitive interface.

“NAVIGON continues its pioneering tradition of driving more useful and innovative features into every new product we introduce,” said Michael Roach, NAVIGON’s president for the Americas. “The 7300T is the pinnacle of NAVIGON’s vision, combining our uncompromised design focus with a set of unmatched, relevant, next-generation features. The 7300T is truly a stand-out, delivering an experience that adds a greater level of peace of mind, productivity, and adventure than anything else on the market today.”

In addition to a number of new features, the NAVIGON 7300T is equipped with features that have become hallmarks of NAVIGON’s premium navigation experience. Reality View™ Pro and Lane Assistant Pro provide that extra direction when you need it most–so you’ll never miss an exit or a turn again. Advanced text-to-speech technology helps you keep your eyes on the road by providing spoken driving directions and street names. Only NAVIGON can show where to wine, dine, and unwind with a built-in, exclusive ZAGAT guide that includes more than 27,000 listings across the U.S. and Canada spanning hotels, nightclubs, attractions and golf courses. With NAVIGON’s exclusive Exit Guide feature, you can take the guesswork out of highway travel by searching upcoming exits for the restaurant, rest area, hotel or gas station of your choice. DirectHelp(SM) provides instant access to directions and phone numbers to nearby emergency service providers. A new Clickable POIs feature guides you to destinations shown on the map with one click. The latest generation of NAVIGON software makes entering and finding information fast and simple with fewer clicks.

The NAVIGON 7300T features:

  • NAVIGON MyRoutes™
  • Free Real-Time Spoken Traffic Updates
  • Voice Address Entry and Control
  • Panorama View 3D and Landmark View 3D
  • Rand McNally Scenic Routes
  • Clickable POIs
  • Reality View™ Pro
  • Lane Assistant Pro
  • Fast Destination Entry
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free
  • Advanced Text-to-speech
  • Zagat Ratings and Reviews
  • Exit Guide
  • DirectHelp(SM)
  • Speed Assistant
  • Multi-Destination Trip Planning
  • Automatic Standby Feature
  • Favorites as POI
  • Coordinate Input
  • Automatic Day/Night Mode

The NAVIGON 7300T sells for $399.99 (MSRP) and will be available at retailers in Q2 2009. It is compatible with NAVIGON’s optional FreshMaps accessory, which provides up to 8 map updates over two years for $79.99 (MSRP). If the user activates FreshMaps within 30 days after purchasing the device, the price is only $39.99.

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