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NAD Introduces First Universal DVD Player in New Masters Series




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NAD Introduces First Universal DVD Player in New Masters Series

SACD and DVD-A compatible, the M55 Universal DVD Player is NAD’s most advanced player with enhanced performance components and features

CEDIA 2005, Indianapolis, IN., Sept. 9, 2005NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio components, introduces the M55 Universal DVD Player, one of the first four new components in the new Masters Series during the CEDIA Expo 2005 in Indianapolis this week.

The M55 not only looks solid and attractive in the new Masters Series luxurious industrial design, it offers superlative audio and video performance for all your optical media including SACD and DVD-A discs. It employs the Faroudja DCDi chip and an HDMI output with HDCP encryption.

‘With the proliferation of different optical disc formats, consumers want players that are compatible with all of them,” says Bob Brown, Chairman of NAD Electronics. “The M55 isn’t just compatible with all the current playback formats and blank media formats, your entire collection of CDs and DVDs is in for a major sonic upgrade when played through the advanced electronics of the M55.”

The M55 is compatible with:
• DVD-A and SACD
• HDCD, MP3 and WMA

DVD-Audio and SACD decoding takes place on board with comprehensive bass management available for decoded signals. DVD-Audio uses high-resolution 24 bit PCM signals and MLP ‘lossless’ compression to advance audio performance to unprecedented levels. SACD (super audio compact disc) is a different approach to high definition audio using the DSD (direct stream digital) technique. With the M55 you can play them both with remarkable fidelity.

The M55 includes the High Definition Digital Interface (HDMI) with HDCP encryption, allowing high definition audio and video signals to be transferred between source components, processors, and TV Displays. This eliminates the distortion produced by multiple digital and analog conversions, keeping the video signal in the digital domain. Additionally, the M55 provides the following outputs:
• Component Video Output with Progressive Scan
• S-Video and Composite Video Output
• 12-bit 54mHz video DAC for analog video output
• Coax and TosLink optical digital audio outputs
• Separate 2 channel and 5.1 channel analog outputs

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The NAD M55 uses professional grade 24-bit, 192-kHz audio D/A converters, which are well protected from noise caused by even minute fluctuations in current from the power supply. The level of quantization noise is suppressed and uniform across the entire frequency range. High-speed FET output devices keep all the detail present in high-resolution optical formats, perfectly intact. Separate signal paths for the DVD and SACD audio maintain the highest possible levels of sound quality.

Digital audio outputs are available in both coaxial, and optical (TosLink) SPDIF formats, as well as I/2 S digital format via the HDMI output. DVD-Audio uses the Dolby licensed MLP lossless compression to produce PCM formatted high-resolution signals with 24-bits, up to 192kHz sample rates. MLP perfectly shrinks the very high data rates of DVD-Audio — up to 13.8 Mbps — to the DVD limit of 9.6 Mbps without losing any data.

Digital Bass Management is available for all surround sound formats to prevent bass frequencies from overloading and distorting your speakers by ‘redirecting’ them to the subwoofer. When playing DVD-Video, DVD-Audio or SACD sources, it is possible to preset speaker configurations. The crossover point is selectable with 12 dB high and 24 dB low pass filter slopes.

MP3 and WMA compressed formats are also decoded, offering surprisingly good sound quality when recorded at higher bit rates. Dolby Digital and Dolby ProLogic decoding is also included, as is support for MP3 and Windows Media Audio.

The M55 takes advantage of the Faroudja DCDi chip that will ‘upconvert’ standard DVD (480 lines) to the HD formats of 720p or 1080i. These upconverted formats are also available on the Component Video output.

The M55 also features a Dual Discrete Video Circuit for the highest possible picture quality via the Component Video output. The M55 was equipped with dual 12-bit, 216-MHz video D/A converters to ensure highly accurate playback of delicate, low-level video signals resulting in a vivid picture that is faithful in every detail. Over sampling of 4x is achieved for Progressive and 8x for interlaced video signals, allowing more detailed D/A conversion. High quality picture reproduction is also possible due to an analog filter with flexible ‘shutout characteristics’ placed in the latter stage.

Furthermore, the NAD M55 uses two separate video D/A converters to process Progressive and Interlaced signals. This eliminates mutual interference between the Progressive and Interlaced signals and allows both a standard definition and a high definition picture to be output simultaneously — a great feature for sending video to a second viewing zone, which is available on the Master Series M15 Preamp Processor.

A wealth of picture quality adjustment functions, including Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Sharpness, Black Level and Gamma, can all be adjusted using the intuitive On Screen Display.

“Build-Artistry” and Master-Class Engineering
While others offer build quality The Masters Series delivers Build-Artistry. The M55 and all the other Masters Series Components are a result of many years of research by NAD’s product development team. The new Masters Series is the perfect balance of performance, value, style, flexibility, and ease-of-use, defining them as the best products in the company’s 33-year history and industry setting benchmarks.

From the smooth and precise action of the front panel controls to the elegantly proportioned remote handsets, every element of the design has been carefully considered for ease of use and clear logical operation. The new industrial design is solid and substantial, yet fresh and exciting. The look of the M55 visually reveals the dynamic performance capabilities contained within its sturdy forms.

Intelligent use of aluminum extrusions, zinc castings, and heavy gauge steel results in a chassis that is as rugged as it is handsome. Innovative use of specialized coatings and plating results in a product that will retain its good looks for many, many years to come.

Naturally, the M55 supports all the popular DVD-Video features, such as fast and slow scan, multi-language, multi-angle, A-B repeat, and last scene bookmarking. The ergonomically designed remote handset puts all these features right under your thumb for easy and convenient operation. All of the M55’s functions can also be controlled via the NAD HTRM (Home Theatre Remote — Masters Series) that comes with the M15 Surround Preamp Processor.

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Just one look at the M55 and you know it is a serious audiophile product. While it meets the sonic standards of even the most critical listener it must still have the flexibility and features to meet the demands of today’s complex custom installations. The M55 was supplied with a 12-volt trigger input and IR input for advanced theater installations. An RS-232 port, allows the M55 to be controlled by the most advanced control systems such as AMX and Crestron.

The M55 Universal DVD/CD Player will ship in November 2005 with a US MSRP of $1,799. It can be seen with the rest of the Master Series components in Booth 214 during CEDIA Expo 2005.

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