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Morel fat lady High End Loudspeaker


2009 CES Design and Innovation Award Winner in the high-end performance category

Morel announces the launch of a completely new high-end loudspeaker; named “fat lady”, after the famous saying “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”.

Morel views the development of this loudspeaker to be a journey of discovery with the conclusion being a new direction for the company.

The fat lady includes a number of innovative design solutions. The cabinet is constructed from an outer layer of lacquered carbon fiber, optimally mixed with fiberglass and epoxy resin. The result is an enclosure that is extremely strong, yet light. The curved form, with no straight lines, resembles a musical instrument, and unlike conventional speaker systems, has no internal damping at all. The cabinet being empty is allowed to vibrate in a controlled manner along with the drive units and use this energy as part of the reproduced sound. The clever part is that the cabinet ‘sings’ with the drive units but stops immediately when the drive unit stops, so there are no delayed resonances. The result is a speaker that sounds as if it has no cabinet at all. Advanced manufacturing techniques enable the fat lady’s R&D team total freedom to create a design that is both acoustically and visually sublime.

The heart and soul of a loudspeaker are the components within it. Morel’s R&D team worked diligently to design, develop and fine tune the drive units specifically for the fat lady.

The high frequencies are handled by Morel’s high-end Supreme™ tweeter; A 1.1″ (28mm) hand-coated Acuflex™ soft dome, fitted with an underhung voice coil.

A 6″ midrange unit features Morel’s famous 3″ underhung EVC™ (external voice coil) configuration, coupled with the new DLIS™ technology (Dynamic Linear Impedance Stabilizer), a critically designed copper shield to maintain a smooth impedance curve under dynamic conditions.

Two 9″ bass units with 3″ EVC™ completes the drive unit line up. Both the midrange and the bass units are fitted with composite cones constructed from 2 carbon fiber skins with a layer of Rohacell sandwiched in between. Creating a cone that is rigid with high self damping.

It can be said that the total is greater than the sum of its parts. The fat lady really is a technical ‘tour de force’. However, the true test of a loudspeaker is to listen to it. Auditioning the Fat-Lady promises to be a very tactile and exciting experience.

As the saying goes, “it’s not over till the fat lady sings”

For more information, visit or call +972 8 930 1161
In the USA, call Morel America toll-free at 877-morel-11

About Morel

  • For more than three decades, Morel has manufactured hand-crafted loudspeakers and drive units for the mid- to high-end market
  • Sold in more than 55 countries worldwide, Morel’s products are the choice for many of the biggest names in the hifi and music industries
  • Designed and manufactured in Israel, Morel speakers continue to win awards for technological innovation and design excellence

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